Call Of Duty Mobile Gets New Cosmetics Styled After Latin Artist Ozuna

The next season of Call of Duty Mobile launches this week, and there's loads of new content to look forward to including some styled after a Fast and the Furious 9 actor.


Call of Duty Mobile is getting some special themed content as part of the game's seventh season, Elite of the Elite, with a collaboration with musician and actor Ozuna headlining some of the game's new cosmetics.

Ozuna, who you might recognize from his recent performance in Fast and the Furious 9, is creating a brand-new song for Call of Duty Mobile Season 7. Titled "A La Buena, El Mejor," the song is just the first piece of Ozuna-themed content en-route for the latest season, which includes a new bear-themed character skin, calling cards, avatars, and lots more.

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The latest season for Call of Duty Mobile also includes a host of new gameplay additions, including two new maps. These include Scrapyard, which first debuted in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, and Monastery, which has appeared in Call of Duty Online. A new operator called Demir is also being added, as well as the Hades LMG, and the Shoulder Cannon, a new operator skill that can be equipped as part of your loadout.

A new Cyber Attack mode will also launch on September 3. You'll be able to send your operator into Multiplayer and Battle Royale modes once every six hours, with numerous rewards available for collection. These include epic charms, weapon blueprints, and the Zero character skin for both SKS and Dark Ops.

These are spread across premium and free additions for the season, which will require you to purchase the game's Battle Pass for some to be unlocked. This Battle Pass is getting 50 more tiers added as part of the new season, giving you even more challenges to pursue as you play.

Call of Duty Mobile Season 7 launches this week on August 25. The game is free to download on iOS and Android.

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