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Call Of Duty Mobile Dev Reacts To Report That The Game Will Be "Phased Out"

CODM players can expect support "for the long haul," Activision says.


Call of Duty Mobile will be supported "for the long haul," Activision has confirmed following reports that the popular mobile title will be phased out in favor of the upcoming Call of Duty Warzone Mobile.

In a statement to the game's account, Activision said COD Mobile is an "important part of the entire Call of Duty franchise and our overall mobile strategy." The statement went on to say it expects to continue to support the game with a "robust roadmap of fresh new CODM content, activities, and updates for the long haul."

Activision released this statement seemingly in response to Microsoft's statement to the UK government over its planned purchase of Activision Blizzard and all of its franchises, including Call of Duty. Microsoft said in its statement to the UK's Competition and Markets Authority that "Call of Duty Mobile is expected to be phased out over time" when Warzone Mobile releases. Call of Duty Mobile will continue to operate in China, Microsoft said in its statement, adding that the game is owned by Tencent.

So it seems Call of Duty Mobile and Warzone Mobile will be up and running at the same time in a similar way to how Call of Duty Warzone 2.0 did not replace Call of Duty Warzone. The original Warzone, however, is not getting as much attention as updates as the newer battle royale game, and one could imagine a similar scenario happening with Warzone Mobile, but nothing is confirmed yet.

Warzone Mobile is, as its name suggests, a mobile game focused on battle royale. Activision is hoping to offer a genuine Warzone experience with 120 online players, a huge map, vehicles, and mechanics like the Gulag, all on iOS and Android devices.

One of the main reasons Microsoft is pushing so aggressively to acquire Activision Blizzard is to get a foothold into the lucrative mobile game space. In addition to COD Mobile and Warzone Mobile, Activision will make a mobile game based on every single one of its many franchises, and these would all become Microsoft properties if its deal goes through.

As for the mainline Call of Duty series, 2023's new Call of Duty game is expected to be a new entry in the Modern Warfare series.

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