Call Of Duty Mobile Dev Made $10 Billion In 2020, Making It Among The World's Largest Studios

Timi Studios is a juggernaut and it's looking to grow even bigger.


Timi Studios, the game developer behind both Call of Duty Mobile and Honor of Kings, had a banner year in 2020. Sources told Reuters that Timi Studios made $10 billion in revenue last year, which makes it the "world's largest developer," according to the report. And that's all without really being a household name.

It's not exactly clear what "largest" means here. Companies like Activision Blizzard--the owner of Call of Duty- and the parent company of the main series' developers-make more money annually than that. But it seems Reuters is saying $10 billion in revenue for a single studio is what is the record. It also bears mentioning that the $10 billion comes from Timi Studios alone, not Tencent's other internal studios like Lightspeed & Quantum Studios, the team that makes the wildly popular PUBG Mobile.

In any case, Timi is looking to grow to become a company with even more global appeal. The studio recently hired Scott Warner--a games industry veteran who worked on the Halo and Battlefield franchises--to head up its new Los Angeles studio.

Retuers said Tencent's plan is to eventually have half of its game revenue come from overseas markets; currently, this figure stands at 23% for the latest period.

Timi is also the developer of Pokemon Unite, Arena of Valor, Speed Drifters, and others.

According to analyst Daniel Ahmad, Timi is firing on all cylinders right now and is looking to expand to create games for a global audience.

"Timi has been able to successfully operate these mobile games over the long term. It is now looking to take those learnings and create high quality games for a global audience that are accessible to all players, regardless of he platform they play on," he said.

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