Call Of Duty Mobile: Clan Wars Guide

Call of Duty's Clan Wars feature is a great way to earn more rewards; here's everything you need to know.


Call of Duty Mobile's Clan Wars feature allows you to team up with other players to compete in weekly challenges for unique rewards. Winners can earn some pretty sweet cosmetic rewards, and there's really no downside to participating. Our guide will explain everything you need to know about Clan Wars in Call of Duty Mobile.

How To Create A Clan

From Call of Duty's main menu, press the Clan button at the bottom center of the screen. This will take you to the Clan menu. Here you'll see a list of clans you can join, but you'll want to click the Create Clan button on the top right of the screen to make your own.

The Create Clan section will give you the option to name your clan. Additionally, you set the clan's mode preference as either multiplayer, battle royale or both. Then you can set your clan's member applications to have no restrictions, application required, or closed.

Create Clan screen
Create Clan screen

It does cost 1,500 Credits to create a clan, but otherwise anyone can create one. Credits is Call of Duty Mobile's unique currency system, which is a separate currency from the COD Points you can buy across all Call of Duty games. Credits are earned simply by playing the game and completing challenges, or through daily login bonuses and events. If you don't have 1,500 Credits yet, just keep grinding the game until you have enough saved.

Clan Wars is a weekly competition that resets every Tuesday. If you create a clan mid-week, you have to wait till the next Tuesday to participate.

How To Join A Clan

If you don't want to pay the 1,500 buy-in or deal with the hassle of recruitment, you can always join a preexisting clan to take part in Clan Wars. Again, this is found by clicking the Clan button on the bottom center of the main menu. This will take you to the Clan menu, which allows you to view a list of active clans that are looking for new members. You can view the name of each clan, the numbers of members, their mode preference, and how active they are for the current season. Click on the clan you want to join, and then hit the Join or Apply on the bottom right corner of the screen.

Clan Wars is a weekly competition that resets every Tuesday, and you have to be in a clan at that time to play Clan Wars. If you join a clan mid-week, you have to wait till the next Tuesday to participate with your new clan.

How To Participate in Clan Wars

Each week, your clan will face off against five other clans competing for control over a Clan Wars map. Throughout each six-day Clan Wars event, there will be various challenge nodes that appear on the map, which are essentially just timed tasks made available to the competing clans.

Clan Wars map nodes
Clan Wars map nodes

Not all challenge nodes will be available on day one of a new challenge week, but there will be a minimum of 3 nodes available each day. Pick an active node and do the assigned challenge. Node challenges might include playing matches of a specific mode, getting a certain number of kills, or using specific weapons. You earn Clan Points for your clan by doing the node task.

It's also worth noting that the nodes that become active later in the week are worth more Clan Points than the ones available at the start. So, even if your clan has a slow start for the week, you can still accumulate decent points at the end of the week.

Players can earn additional bonuses for their node points:

  • 20% bonus for playing matches with at least one other clan member
  • 20% bonus for purchasing the battle pass
  • 30% bonus if clan leader selects a specific node as the key goal
  • 200% bonus for the first three matches you play each day for Clan Wars

These bonuses will be added to the total number of node points a player earns from each game.

Each map's challenge node varies in length from 24 hours to 3 days. The clan with the most node points at the end of the time limit will win the node. When a node ends, it awards Clan Points based on the top performing clans.

Clan Wars League Seasons and Weekly Rewards

Each Clan Wars tournament is one part of the larger League Season, which can last for eight weeks or more. Your clan's performance in each six-day Clan Wars will determine the clan's placement in the league for the next week's war.

Clan Wars in-game store
Clan Wars in-game store

Progress through the ranks: Rookie, Veteran, Elite, Pro, Master and Legendary by earning trophies, which are awarded based on your final placement in each week's tournament plus the number of nodes your clan placed first in. The higher you place, the better your chances of getting bumped into a higher league for the following week's war.

Contributing to your clan's efforts will earn you weekly rewards based on the current league you're in and your weekly Clan Wars contribution. These rewards are called Clan Currencies, and this currency can be used to purchase unique items like operator skins and weapon blueprints from the Clan Wars shop. Each week's rewards will give each clan member a base amount of 1,000 Clan Currencies for a rookie tier clan, while 5,000 for a legendary tier clan. Seasonal prizes will also be awarded at the end of each season.

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