Call Of Duty Mobile Anniversary Update Adds Black Ops 4's Battle Royale Map

The Anniversary update for Call of Duty Mobile has arrived on iOS and Android.


Call of Duty: Mobile released one year ago this day, October 15, and Activision is celebrating by updating the game with a lot of new content and activities. The Anniversary update is out now on Android and iOS, and Activision says it represents the "biggest injection of content ever" in the game's life.

Included with the update is a brand-new battle royale map called Alcatraz. If the name sounds familiar, it's because it's inspired by the Alcatraz location in Black Ops 4's Blackout mode. The Anniversary update also introduces a new social space called "The Club." As its name suggests, this is a hangout area where players can take part in various mini-games like darts or various arcade games.

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The Anniversary update also introduces a new battle pass with 50 tiers to progress through to earn various cosmetics and other extras. Additionally, there is a new map, King, which can be played in the Gunfight and Duel modes. And just in time for Halloween, the update adds the map Halloween Standoff, which is a nighttime version of the Standoff map featuring jack-o-lanterns and other spookiness.

What's more, the Anniversary update adds the Cranked mode that debuted in Call of Duty: Ghosts years ago. The twist with the mode is that, when a player is eliminated, a 30-second timer kicks off, and during this period you move faster and earn double points for kills.

For lots more on the Anniversary update, check out the image above to see what's in the Battle Pass, while you can also have a look at Activision's blog post for a detailed rundown.

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