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Call Of Duty: Mobile Adds New Class To Battle Royale, More Challenges For Season 6

The mobile version of Call Of Duty adds a new class and seasonal missions as part of its Once Upon A Time In Rust season.


Call Of Duty: Mobile launched its new cowboy-themed season Once Upon a Time in Rust back in late April, and this week brings more fresh content to the game. First, players can earn a new class for its Battle Royale mode through completing a multi-step challenge. This class is called Poltergeist, and its two abilities allow the player to use stealth to avoid and flank opponents when the moment's right.

In addition to this, the game has also received more seasonal challenges, which require players to complete multiple missions to earn new weapons. These weapons include the Pharo SMG, the Locus sniper rifle, and the Cordite SMG. Players who want to obtain the limited-time rewards associated with the CoD: Mobile World Championship must qualify for Stage 2 by May 24.

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In the past weeks, Once Upon a Time in Rust has added a 1v1 Duel mode, the Saloon and Rust multiplayer maps, and a timed Gold Rush event where players collect gold to trade for rewards. According to a recent blog post, Activision plans to revamp its progression system to give the game longer legs for those who have already hit the maximum level, though it's not clear what that system will look like, or when it's coming.

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