Call of Duty map removed at request of Muslim gamers

Activision temporarily pulls Favela multiplayer map from Modern Warfare 2 after users find holy writings in map's bathroom.


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Activision has temporarily removed popular Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 multiplayer map Favela at the request of Muslim gamers, Kotaku reports.

When Favela returns, this painting will be edited.
When Favela returns, this painting will be edited.

YouTube user KhaleDQ84EveR points out in a video that two paintings are hung in the map's bathroom that feature a quote from the Muslim prophet Muhammad, which reads "Allah is beautiful and He loves beauty." He explains that it is forbidden for Islamic holy teachings to be featured in bathrooms and sought an apology from Infinity Ward, as well as the removal of the content.

That's exactly what has happened, as Infinity Ward parent company Activision issued a statement to Kotaku apologizing for the issue and noting that the map has been removed from rotation. It will return once it is edited. Additionally, the same texture will be removed from Modern Warfare 3.

"We apologize to anyone who found this image offensive," reads a line from the statement. "Please be assured we were unaware of this issue and that there was no intent to offend. We are working as quickly as possible to remove this image and any other similar ones we may find from our various game libraries."

"Activision and our development studios are respectful of diverse cultures and religious beliefs, and sensitive to concerns raised by its loyal game players," the statement continues. "We thank our fans for bringing this to our attention."

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