Call of Duty Live Tweeted a Fake Terrorist Attack

Fictional terrorist attack in Singapore posted in the lead-up to Call of Duty: Black Ops III release.


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Activision posted a series of tweets on Tuesday suggesting it was live reporting a terrorist attack.

The series of messages, which were fictional but not marked as such, sets up the framework of events to feature in upcoming shooter Call of Duty: Black Ops III. Shared via the official Call of Duty Twitter account, the posts began with reports of an explosion in Marina Bay, Singapore.

The source of the explosion is reported to be at Coalescence Corporation, a fictional company that was featured in the Call of Duty: Black Ops III "Ember" teaser. The tweets went on to state that Singapore Authorities had announced an official state of emergency, and declared martial law. The final post in the series of tweets read, "This was a glimpse into the future fiction of #BlackOps3."

The tweets confirmed a character named James Chung will be tied to the game in some way as commander of the Singapore Armed Forces. A second Twitter account titled "TheUnMarkedMan" posted conspiracy-theory style speculation in response to the tweets, further teasing story elements in the upcoming shooter.

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The social media campaign has been met with some criticism, as the posts could have incited unwarranted panic. Others have criticised the campaign to be in poor taste.

When approached by GameSpot, Activision declined to comment.

At the time of posting the series of fictional reports of the attack in Singapore, the Call of Duty Twitter account had changed its profile picture, name, and profile description to resemble that of a real world news outlet, as seen in the screenshot on the right.

Do you think this social media campaign for Blacks Ops 3 went too far? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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Avatar image for king_jamz

Why would I give a shit any how? I don't live in Singapore.

Avatar image for penkowalski

One must have a brain of a retard to believe that was real. Gotta love those idiots.

Avatar image for mtf19m

like out all the bad ideas they could do this is the worst.

I don't have a problem but surprised they haven't caught more shit from doing this.

Avatar image for Mengsk

Boy are they desperate or what? Lame...

Avatar image for rosinmonkekyx17

Call the cops, charge them with mischief XD

Avatar image for viciouskiller

"Others have criticised the campaign to be in poor taste."

I think getting your news from a call of duty twitter is in bad taste. Really though, if you're that retarded to believe this is real then do the gene pool a favor and jump off a bridge.

Avatar image for pure_evil_80

Dear god Activision were you not content with the backlash over THPS5 this week, you needed to double down on stupidity?

Not sure if they are mentally stunted or if this is just a maneuver to get us to forget that they just released an incredibly lazy slapped together sequel to one of their biggest franchises right before they release an incredibly lazy sequel to one of their biggest franchises....

Avatar image for 7evenpoint

Its in poor taste but far from panic inducing. I don't know anybody in this modern day who would panic at a single sign of news. Gotta check multiple sources nowadays.

Avatar image for nintendians

if some people don't see "(at sign) CallofDuty under Current Events Agg. then they need to pay attention harder.

Avatar image for Alecmrhand

If you get your news from a Call of Duty developer, you are the problem.

Are people this fragile now?


Avatar image for cthulhu2016

Still not the worst thing they did this week....THPS5 came out...

Avatar image for R-tofen

The on ppl bothered by this are SJW's and battlefield fanboys.

Avatar image for Evil_Sidekick


Avatar image for R-tofen

@Evil_Sidekick: why cause you like battlefield?

Avatar image for xanatos357

Someone in the Activision social media team got fired.

Avatar image for R-tofen

@xanatos357: they probably got a raise and a promotion from all the free publicity cause of all you outraged SJW's

Avatar image for TSouth2541

Is it really that hard to realize that it's part of the games story? I mean come on... a twitter account for a game starts talking about stories that aren't even on the news. Talks about war and a terrorist attack... Reeks of story mode.

Avatar image for xenomorphalien

Oh Activision. You never cease to amaze me with your incompetence.

Avatar image for Monsterkillah

@xenomorphalien: they are getting desperate...their cod sales are declining this is just a sign of desperation..

Avatar image for xenomorphalien

@Monsterkillah: True that.

Avatar image for jinzo9988

Meanwhile the Taliban taking over a major city trended yesterday on Facebook and today ISIS trends with the idea of a religious cleansing via nuclear weapons. It's nice to know where the priorities of the folks at Activision are. Forget the fact that it's on Twitter and forget that it's from Call of Duty's account... it's just simply in poor taste to do something like that, most especially considering what's going on in the world right now.

Avatar image for R-tofen

@jinzo9988: panties all bunched up, princess?

Avatar image for ruthaford_jive

@R-tofen: I'm usually the first one to make such comments, but this whole marketing stunt is in poor taste. And doesn't make much sense, since this is set in the future... so why would there be a tweet in the past? Oh and it also seems kinda pointless since most everyone whose gonna buy this game no doubt already knows about it. Who the hell are they trying to win over with this?

Avatar image for nurnberg

Poor taste marketing campaign. Terrorist attacks is not something that should be turned into jokes.

Avatar image for R-tofen

@nurnberg: why not? And it wasnt a joke it was an advert for blops 3

Avatar image for callsignalpha

Aside from all this stupidity....have activision/treyarch/infinity ward ever thought of doing ANYTHING other than COD.???...I mean have they given thought to a new IP or some shit..??

Avatar image for DevilDog982

@callsignalpha : No.

Avatar image for ov3r_kill_br0ny

You need help if you believe what you read on social media is news.

Avatar image for santinegrete

Very poor taste indeed, but hey! it's in a CoD channel.

Avatar image for Darth_Ultima

This just in... famous actor Morgan Freeman has passed away today at the age of 78. His family has stated his last words were, "I'm not really dead and if you think so because you read it on Facebook or Twitter your a moron."

Avatar image for kilgore

@Darth_Ultima: Oh! That's soooo sad!!!! He was a great man, a great actor, and what many people don't know, he has done so much for his people as first president of post-apartheid South Africa.

No kidding. When Mandela died, NPR ran related programming all goddamn day for a whole goddamn week with listeners encouraged to phone in with what old Nelson meant to them. So a lady caller from California phones in:

Lady Caller from California: "He was such a great person blah blah blah his work with kids blah blah and what many people don't realize is he was also such a great actor, his work in movies like Shawshank Redemption was such an inspiration bla.."

NPR Anchor: "Wait, you realize you are referring to Morgan Freeman, the actor?"

Lady Caller from California: "Uhmmm, ahh, ...his work with kids, uhmmm...never mind." Hangs up.

NPR Anchor: "Moving on to a caller from San Mateo, hi you're on..."

Avatar image for deactivated-5bab80860fac3

Given the metacritic feedback for COD 2014 I would suggest the release of a new COD should be regarded as terrorism.

Avatar image for jetset575

@feathers632: Advanced Warfare has an 83 on Metacritic.

Avatar image for R-tofen

For a rhe pansies bothered by this.

1. Its called satire.

2. Its the CoD twitter account.

3. If you rely on a video game twitter for your news, then you are a moron.

4. Get a life stop looking for shit to be offended over.

Avatar image for Chr0noid

@R-tofen: Confirmed for not having any clue what satire means or its actual purpose.

Avatar image for R-tofen

@Chr0noid: sat·ire



the use of humor, irony, exaggeration, or ridicule to expose and criticize people's stupidity or vices, particularly in the context of contemporary politics and other topical issues.

Pretty sure it fits

Avatar image for DevilDog982

@R-tofen: Not really as they weren't joking... nor did they use irony... and they didn't ridicule or expose peoples stupidity or vices. They used a fictional event, with a modified twitter account that looked like a new agency, tweeting about terrorist attacks to hype a video game. Not that im bothered(Why you would listen to 'news' on twitter, i have no idea), just nothing you put up in the description describes what the dev's did.

Avatar image for R-tofen

@DevilDog982: pretty sure it was textbook satire. But put whatever spin on it that you need to justify youre need to be offended by it.

Avatar image for ZamboniGamer

There are some things you do not joke about on social media.

Avatar image for ensabahnur16

@ZamboniGamer: I think everything should be joked about on social media.

Avatar image for R-tofen

@ZamboniGamer: why cause it migjt twist someones panties?

Avatar image for nl_skipper

If anything this should just be a wake up call to people who get their news from Twitter... from the Call of Duty channel/whatever it's called.

It's just a publicity stunt, really not a big deal, though I'd agree it was in poor taste.

Avatar image for santinegrete

@nl_skipper: right. Still getting news from multimedia monopolies or dishonest media (fox news) should also be warned.

Avatar image for drysprocket

I can't believe what these companies get away with. In any other industry, the consequences for this would be much bigger. It's truly sad; everyone will forget about this soon enough.

Avatar image for Chr0noid

Sorry but this was a fucking DUMB publicity stunt that any level-headed marketer would instantly shoot down in the meeting room the second it got brought up as a possible idea to get your game advertised. I'm not really saying it's distasteful or anything like that but good God, Activision should just know better. It's common freaking sense. This may have been okay in the early 90s when terrorists were nice and lazy but what the frip were they thinking nowadays in this paranoid climate? Activision deserves any and all criticism simply for being a bunch of dumbasses.

Lastly, to anyone outright defending this-If they had stated there was a terrorist attack in AMERICA, you know as well as I do this whole situation would be a billion times worse right now. Cut the crap.