Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare's First Expansion Adds More Maps and '90s-Themed Zombies Story

Sabotage comes out next month for PS4.


Activision today officially announced the first expansion for Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare.

Titled Sabotage, the DLC adds new multiplayer maps, including Noir, Renaissance, Neon, and Dominion. That last one is a "reimagining" of Modern Warfare 2's Afghan map. The Sabotage DLC also introduces a '90s-themed zombies expansion in the form of "Rave in the Redwoods." Unlike the bright and colorful Zombies in Spaceland, which had an '80s theme, Rave in the Redwoods looks like a dark and scary horror game--with a rave going on. See it in action in the video above.

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Sabotage comes out for PlayStation 4 on January 31, before coming to Xbox One and PC later.

Rave in the Redwoods transports players into a summer camp setting in the '90s, featuring the four playable characters from Zombies in Spaceland. This is explained by way of the fictional director Willard Wyler, played by Paul Reubens, who has the ability to bring people into his worlds.

"We're excited to introduce a new chapter to our zombies experience, taking players into a spooky 1990s summer camp straight out of the horror films of the decade," Infinity Ward's Dave Stohl said in a statement. "

As for the multiplayer maps, here are their official descriptions, as written by Activision:

  • Noir – A dark, grimy city map inspired by futuristic Brooklyn at night, Noir is a classic three-lane map set against a backdrop of a dystopian future, filled with cafes and parks surrounding a brutal downtown warzone.
  • Neon – A virtual training center designed for urban warfare, Neon is a unique, digitized battle arena where cars and other structures spawn out of thin air and enemies dissolve into hundreds of pixels when defeated. Middle lane sightlines will cater to long-range players while the outsides of the map allow for quick counter-attacks in close-quarter action.
  • Renaissance – Set in Northern Italy, Renaissance pits players against each other on the narrow streets of Venice surrounded by classic architecture and buildings that promote continuous action through the canals and neighborhoods of this iconic city.
  • Dominion – A re-imagining of the classic Afghan map from Modern Warfare 2, now set on Mars, Dominion retains all the memorable landmarks and gameplay of the original, anchored by the crashed ship in the center, with a few enhancements designed to take advantage of the new movement system.

In other news, Infinite Warfare sales declined substantially compared to Black Ops III. Activision always anticipated this, but the company might not have expected such a precipitous drop-off in sales.

Do you plan to jump back into Infinite Warfare to play the new Sabotage maps and content? Let us know in the comments below!

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