Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare Includes Modern Warfare Remaster, Box Art Leak Reveals

Infinity Ward's seminal shooter to be remade for modern consoles.


Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare, which is reportedly the name of this year's entry in Activision's first-person shooter series, will include a remastered version of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, according to an image of a preorder card.

The image was posted on Reddit and looks to be from US retailer Target. It shows the cover for a Legacy Edition of the game and states the package "also includes" Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered.

A November 4, 2016 release date is also prominently displayed.

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Although Activision and Infinity Ward have not officially revealed the game yet, a listing for it appeared on Sony's PlayStation Store. Activision typically fully reveals its new Call of Duty games in the April/May period, so an announcement may be imminent.

Infinite Warfare will be developed by Infinity Ward, the developer responsible for the Modern Warfare games and, most recently, Call of Duty: Ghosts.

Activision has said it will not have its own booth on the E3 show floor this year, and will instead exhibit its latest games with the help of partners such as Sony PlayStation. The next entry in the Call of Duty series will be at Sony's booth.

Infinity Ward's new Call of Duty game was previously described by Activision as "innovative," though no concrete details about the game have been divulged.

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Please don't tell me that they've marketed the Asian knock off COD and are gonna give us that version but now we pay for it? There is a YouTube video of a couple guys downloading the game and playing it. It's basically every COD except the AW and BLOPS3 games rolled into one but I think it has mechs and stuff.

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If this shit has jetpacks and wall running and floaty space gravity, I'm done.

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Sell the Legacy game separately and I will pick that up day one.

Not touching another COD game until Treyarch releases their next iteration in 3 years. HOPEFULLY, they listen the outcry and feedback of the masses and rethink this futuristic warfare. COD 3 hit that sweet spot of the wall-running and a small taste of the future, but I cant see it going further down that road........Next thing we'll be warring in space... How weird would that be ?! 0.o

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@jr_hal: they will sell it separately but probably not at first, since it will be a download.

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@DantheMan9856: Figured as much.

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Oh yes baby, welcome back modern warfare, I missed u soo

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COD 4...the game that almost killed my marriage.

Those were good times...

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@CREDIBLE316: it's probably your small dick that is killing your marriage.

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@xxdavidxcx87: I can touch all sides of the tuna can just not the bottom, besides your mother says it's just fine. Now get back to your homework before I ground your ass again!

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What the hell does "infinite warfare" even mean? Will the game enable people to fight on the moon using jet packs, while shooting tomato cannons?

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@frostedtaro: The war on drugs and the war on terror are 2 wars that are not winnable. Maybe Activision is choosing one of those themes for the game.

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As terrible as the series is now. COD4 stands as quite possibly the greatest game that gives you a gun.

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Isn't every COD a remaster?

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So i think they want make cod4!

And they want relize this remasters for gamera who dident play this!

Acelly i cant remember any gamer who dident play cod series :))))

Im really waiting for new battle field! But i interesed on COD MW4 too

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if they re-balanced cod 4 then I might be interested... otherwise, I know every little corner of the game and it's not much fun anymore.

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i'm getting Doom instead haha

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No need for COD .. Rainbow six siege is by far the best shooter on console !! That being said remake of modern warfare could be alright

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just make COD4 backwards compatible on xb1.

Avatar image for boaconstricta

@Adam802: Because that's all you've got to look forward to, poor little Adam. :)

Avatar image for WeepsForFools

@Adam802: with proper servers though, pretty sure they are all hacked/modded lobbies at this point.. at least it was a few years ago, same with WaW.

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I hope they let you buy and download cod4 remastered without having to get it bundled with the new one. Not been interested in new CoDs, will play halo if I wanted to fly about.

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I'm getting Titanfall 2 instead.

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Remastering CODs... are you ****** kidding me?

Are we really there in the lack of "art" of game developping to a point where we even have to remaster multiplayer shooters?

And here I was thinking I've seen it all after having capcom remastering remasters. (Resident Evils aye?)

Original RE title must've been re-done like 4-5 times already?

If this isn't "living in the past" I don't know what it is...

I'm in for some nostalgia but not to a point where it reaches almost half of the titles released...

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@silv3rst0rm: i definitely wouldn't call them "multiplayer shooters". they've all been just a decent short single player campaign with some garbage multiplayer tacked on.

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@silv3rst0rm: Wow...people still acting like this over remakes/remasters lol, pathetic.

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At the pace things are going in gaming world, Tom Clancy's The Division should be about to get a remaster as well...

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@silv3rst0rm: that's quite over exaggerated. The original modern warfare came out in 2007. That's almost 10 years ago. It's highly regarded as one of the favorite cods of all time. Not to mention the remaster is included in the release of an original title. You're not paying exclusively for the remaster. Activision can only benefit from this.... even though I hate them.

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hopefully the mw1 remaster is not only for preorder only, i wish they remaster mw series with all the dlc, i don't mind playing mw3 on ps4, xbox one and pc.

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They should just release COD: Existence and have it include remasters of all the games from COD1 to the very last one, all on one disk. Everyone can ditch their millions of copies of COD games and just keep one collectors disk.

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Really not interested in the new one but would love to play a remastered version of MW1. Will wait for a bargain of some sort but good news overall.

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Yay, this is awesome, 2 cod games in 1, I know the series has a lot of haters but most of those people are kids that go on and get owned, cod is king if you play with tactics, if you run around and rage you're going to lose. Also another good reason to have a ps4.

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@xxdavidxcx87: Its a fucking shoot'em up for god's sake. I've been playing them for nearly 10 years now. Not that they can't be fun but don't give me that bullshit that they have "tactics". Running around and raging the right way is exactly how you get kills in the more recent BO3 and Advanced Warfare.

If you wanna play a tactical game, play Rainbow 6 Seige.

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@ahmad996: using swear words and blasphemy in your comment is an indicator to your maturity level, most kids run around like crack heads and get owned by people who play tactically, probably including you.

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@xxdavidxcx87: Forgive me if I caused any offense but I don't believe you can judge anyone's maturity level in real life based on what they say on the internet. That's the way the world is right now. Also, I highly recommend you look up the word "blasphemy" before you use it on the internet again as I only used a common expression in my comment.

Also, believe it or not I always dominate when I'm running around like a crackhead especially in Advanced Warfare and BO3 because need I say, that you must be the one on crack to think COD has tactics. Unless you consider camping to be tactical.

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@ahmad996: The earlier COD games actually worked very well if you played tactical, had a game plan, etc. The newer ones (esp AW and Blops3) don't have that because the jumping and wall running along with poorly designed maps takes all that out of the games. Not to mention the newer games encourage running around like idiots by giving them a lag compensation advantage. It's BS, but Activision wants everybody to get kills so less people quit and more people buy the dlc.

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@vfighter: Exactly! Wish you could explain it to the other guy.

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@ahmad996: I believe I know what blasphemy is, but thank you for your input, it's highly appreciated, using for gods sake, or Jesus Christ to signify anything other than the power of the almighty is blasphemy, and that is from a priest my friend.

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@xxdavidxcx87: Demeaning someone is also a sin. If you want to show your religion publicly then do so without sinning in the process. Might want to look up some studies on cursing indicating maturity level as well, last I checked they can't piece such together as the human mind is not as clear cut as you make it out to be. Especially in an online environment where it is common to take on behavioral traits that are not common in their everyday life nor do they reflect on such a person if you were to talk to them face to face(It's called a persona).

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@xxdavidxcx87: I have nothing against religion or anyone who is a believer, but using it is a cheap move to evade the real subject at hand. This is the internet my friend and people usually aren't as tolerant as I am especially when you call out someone for blasphemy for saying something as insignificant as what I said. Keep in mind that this is a game's forum and the subject should remain relevant to games or the current topic of the article.

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@ahmad996: I really don't care how tolerant you are, I believe in God about as much as I believe the shite that comes out of your mouth, your just wrong about stuff, deal with it.

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@xxdavidxcx87: And I honestly don't give a shite what you believe in. Keep your beliefs to yourself and away from these forums. They have no place here. This is a gaming site. "The shite that comes out of my mouth" might seem that way to you but it is the truth my friend. Find one person here who thinks COD is tactical and I will shut up. If I had known you were such a huge COD fanboy, I wouldn't be having this argument in the first place.

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@ahmad996: I know plenty of people who play cod tactically, you obviously need an education on how things work, your parents obviously are doing a shitty job of raising you, please, first thing, go and watch how optic play cod and how they use tactics, so shut your mouth about that, second, I'll say whatever I want, GameSpot is an entertainment site. I find it entertaining owning losers like you, and putting you bitches in your place. Now, stfu, don't type to hard else your mum might hear you, know your role, and shut your stinky mouth.

Also, l am inviting you to a few games of cod. I have a few friends I play with, we used to be in a clan called asib, so we play tactically, so plz bring yourself and some friends if you can, and we will have a few games, we will play tactically and you can play like a 5 year old and well see who wins. Send your psn id.

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@xxdavidxcx87: HAHAHA. So you finally snapped. Its ironic how you were calling me out on my maturity level earlier. Kid I have no problem playing COD with you. But since you are the one who has something to prove you should send me your psn id and I'll add you.

Btw it is worth noting that I never directed any insults towards you if you recheck our history. I had a difference of opinion regarding COD being tactical. You were the one who started showing hostility.

Avatar image for veldi

@xxdavidxcx87: Yes, Call of Duty is well known for the importance of strategy. CS has nothing on it. Nothing I say! dot dot dot

Avatar image for xxdavidxcx87

@veldi: @veldi: counter strike is okay, I play it a fair bit, I wouldn't go as far to say it's any more tactical than cod, also you have to put up with the hackers in cs.

Avatar image for tinkyabad

@xxdavidxcx87: COD is more tactical than CS? COD is played by ten year olds, what a ridiciulous argument. Jesus Christ.

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Pass. I liked CoD4/MW1 but not enough to buy the crap that will come with it. The only game I would by if they remastered it is BO1....maybe even MW2 if they fixed the many issues it had (commando lunge, one man army, no flak jacket against explosives, etc).