Call of Duty: Ghosts PC specs from Nvidia not official

Activision says "please stay tuned for the official requirements coming soon."

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The minimum system specifications for the PC version of Call of Duty: Ghosts listed by Nvidia this week are not official, Activision has confirmed.

Posting on its website this week, Nvidia said Call of Duty: Ghosts on PC would require 6GB of RAM and 50GB of hard drive space, as well as a Nvidia GeForce GTX 550Ti / ATI Radeon HD 5870 or better video card.

Call of Duty: Ghosts will feature dedicated servers across all platforms.

The game will be released for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Wii U, and PC on November 5. Xbox One and PlayStation 4 versions will follow when those platforms launch later in the month.

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Avatar image for nyran125tk

wow 50GB'

Avatar image for Nightmare338

Nvidia always post specs that they partner with.

Avatar image for June-GS

Nah, nobody's really surprised here. Now don't get me wrong; I buy both AMD/ATi and Nvidia parts. But from the moment I heard about it on the News, I just knew that page was SO obviously a shameless plug by a pathetic Nvidia tool.

Avatar image for shreddyz

No kidding! What's a video card manufacturer doing posting specs for a game they didn't develop anyway?

Avatar image for June-GS

@shreddyz Exactly, my friend. Shameless much.

Avatar image for Raymond11

atleast they said they will provide the accurate min video requirement for COD; Ghost since the HD is already insane 50GB

Avatar image for Daian

Well no kidding, the game was listed with GTX 780 as recommend (lolwut), that's insane, that's super high end tech. Obviously they're gonna be lower, the specs that is.

Avatar image for June-GS

@Daian The funny part is, it wasn't even the card. I just didn't trust it. That particular page just felt too "commercial" and slimy for me.

Avatar image for telaros

It's on 360... it won't require much to play.

My guess is Activision is fearful that if they release specs for minimum being too low it'll make next gen look less appealing maybe? But by contrast if you pump it up too high, despite being released on Xbox 360, you're risking alienating a LOT of casual PC gamers.

Avatar image for nutcrackr

Good job nvidia, providing accurate information.

Avatar image for June-GS

@nutcrackr So true, buddy. Though I've already guessed as much, days before.

Avatar image for abohamed2012

@nutcrackr lol

Avatar image for KopyKat000

Its probably mostly marketing BS so some people get spooked and run out and buy the biggest bestest PC stuff to make Nvidia, AMD and Intel a boatload of cash.

Everyone should just relax and wait and we will see what really happens.

Avatar image for June-GS

@KopyKat000 Mostly agreed. However, although there is mention of older-generation AMD and Intel parts, they're obviously just there to make the page appear "legit". But for the most part, it's just a shameless plug meant to advertise Nvidia's "greatest" card/s.

Avatar image for not_wanted

@KopyKat000 Or maybe they wanna make us get the console version. :P

Avatar image for not_wanted

6 GB of RAM for min req ? lol But it still looks (the next gen version) like shit compared to BF 3.

But hey, at least it uses a heavily modified ....... wait for it.............. Quake 3 engine. lol

Avatar image for Shooter747

@not_wanted this lame joke is so arse lame you dbags thought you are funny but are nothing more than pathetic losers

Avatar image for FreddieBootleg

@Shooter747 Are you 14? Why are you so upset. Activision does use an ancient engine for their yearly money grab.

Avatar image for not_wanted

@Shooter747 Ok we get it, you're just an angry console fanboy. :D

Avatar image for vault-boy

@Shooter747 @not_wanted Your getting legitimately angry at somoenes opinion... on the internet. I'm sure hes the bigger loser out of the two of you...

Avatar image for plm3d_basic

Someone was trying to be funny at Activision.

Avatar image for smokeless_0225

So much for that "master race" thing then, huh?

(this coming from someone who plays games all consoles as well as pc)

Avatar image for ryanreynolds

@smokeless_0225 Yeah have fun playing BF4 and Metro Last Light on your console then.

Avatar image for Shooter747

@ryanreynolds yeah definitely, sitting on my lazy boy recliner chair playing the game on my console thru a 60 inch HDTV connected to a 7.2 Hifi home theater system.

Avatar image for not_wanted

@Shooter747 @ryanreynolds Ah so that's why you're so angry. :D

It will still look like shit compared to PC version.

Avatar image for vault-boy

@Shooter747 @ryanreynolds Not sure what this means... are you trying to say I can't do that with a PC? I mean because I can do all that and a lot more, so it really doesn't make sense what your saying...

Avatar image for mischiefmeerkat

damn, 50 GB's? no way the game is that big

Avatar image for Shooter747

@mischiefmeerkat Rage on PC is already 25GB and this game was released 2 years ago. What is the issue with 50GB if there are really more content? a thumb drive nowadays can hold this space. PCs now come in terrabytes.

Avatar image for Pelezinho777

@mischiefmeerkat Don't worry. It's 20 that is actually the game. Rest is of pornographic character.

Avatar image for bbq_R0ADK1LL

Good to see some random people on Twitter are doing some fact checking, unlike so-called game journalists.

This is the second incorrectly reported minimum specs in a week. The last one was Battlefield 4. Not every rumour should be reported on, not without checking the source & the facts first.

Avatar image for Pelezinho777

First they released GTA V for PC, then they released Ghosts SysReq, what's next? Free Amazon Blonde with new 780?

Avatar image for naryanrobinson

More importantly, why was nVidia allowed to dictate the unofficial (aka bullshit) specs for this game and tell everyone that their most expensive mainstream card was required to play the game in any reasonable manner without knowing it was the case at all?

Avatar image for Goddammitj

@naryanrobinson Nvidia seem to be pressed against a wall by AMD at the moment. Perhaps its just marketing bull.

Avatar image for egger7577

I bet they sold a lot of 780's in a day from COD fans though.

Avatar image for Nightmare338

You dont need to be a COD fan to purchase 780. Its for ur gaming performance. If u cant afford it. Shutup.

Avatar image for xsonicchaos

Yeah, remember Ubisoft's clarifications on Watch Dogs' requirements? What the hell are they smoking?

Avatar image for kgallis21

What a bunch of M.... F..... that dam EA and UBI soft. So I need two graphic cards that cost 600$ a piece.... really. This is like M$ forcing you to buy a Kenict. They don't need the specs to be this high, what an outrage.

Avatar image for penguino522
penguino522 wut?

Are you high?

Avatar image for Evanrocknuma


What are you talking about? It doesn't say you need both and neither are that expensive...

Avatar image for bombaclut

nvidia is probably adding their own ambient occlusion, physx, and txaa so if you wanna take advantage of that you will need a good nvidia card

Avatar image for Marsh87

@bombaclut if the game does not support it wont be required...maybe they can force txaa

Avatar image for cfisher2833

What the hell is it with these companies screwing around with their system reqs?First Watch Dogs, now this! It's getting ridiculous; what is it, amateur hour in the gaming PR business?

Avatar image for Max_160

i though i would need 4 titan sli's to run it on ultra. oh well.

Avatar image for djpetitte

I think its funny they basically ever gamer on this site saw right through that BS.

Its the kids and their parents making the purchases, so if NVidia can sell a couple cards to people who don't know any better, why not. and what better crowd to direct it towards then the cod crowd

Avatar image for danxxx

GTX 780 required GTFO.

Avatar image for reincarnator07

The original requirements were similar to that of Star Citizen. CoD doesn't look anywhere close to that good, and probably won't until the next generation (as in AFTER PS4/X1/Wii U)

Avatar image for ns0l

They just want us to belive It's NEXT GEN. It's not

Avatar image for chatphon

not sure but i'll stick with spec requirement on MW3 or BO2 i think it may not be 'that much' different anyway.

Avatar image for SurfaceNerd

I hope that by inaccurate they dont mean a Nvidia Titan

Avatar image for cfisher2833

@SurfaceNerd A Titan and a 780 perform almost identically. A 780 is the same chip as the Titan (GK110), but just with some CUDA cores disabled.

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