Call of Duty: Ghosts Devastation DLC will reach PS4, PS3, and PC next month

Activision lists the date for when those who don't own an Xbox One or Xbox 360 can play the latest Call of Duty DLC pack.

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Activision has announced that the Devastation DLC for Call of Duty: Ghosts will be released for PS4, PS3, and PC on May 8.

Inside the DLC are the contents you have almost certainly come to expect by now: four new adversarial multiplayer maps, a new chapter in the Extinction campaign, and the two-in-one Ripper assault rifle/SMG.

Those four multiplayer maps, in case you are wondering: Behemoth, set in South America; Collision, which takes place on a cargo ship that's crashed into a New York bridge; Mayan temple Ruins, which also features the Predator; and the final map, Unearthed, which hearkens back to the Dome map from Modern Warfare 3, a controversial stage that many players are still trying to forget.

Devastation is part of the $50 Call of Duty: Ghosts season pass, and can be purchased individually for $15.

All Call of Duty DLC is released first on Xbox platforms as part of a commercial deal between Microsoft and Activision, one that will almost certainly keep going until the Sun goes supernova and all life in our solar system ceases to exist.

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