Call of Duty: Elite misspells Australia

According to the registration page on Call of Duty: Elite, Australia has an additional "i" in it.

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Debuting this week alongside Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 was a player-tracking and social service called Call of Duty: Elite. While the popularity of Call of Duty: Elite is slamming registration servers, there's one little, but blatantly obvious, mistake that has hit the service.

Where you're prompted to sign up for Call of Duty: Elite, it appears that the Activision copy editors skipped over the "Country/Region" field, because Australia is spelled wrong. According to Call of Duty: Elite, Australia is spelled with an addition "i," making it "Austrialia."

Hopefully this little hiccup will get rectified in the next update.
Hopefully this little hiccup will get rectified in the next update.

Whilst this might be slightly embarrassing for Activision, and irritating for Aussie fans, it's far from being a game-breaking bug. Hopefully we'll see this typo corrected in the next Call of Duty: Elite update.

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