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Call Of Duty Brings Back The Boys DLC Soon, Along With These Unexpected Bundles

Call of Duty was once rooted in an aim for realism, but those days are long gone.


Activision has announced the next store bundles for Call of Duty as part of the big Season 4 launch, and the lineup includes the return of Activision's partnership with Prime Video's TV show The Boys and more.

Five store bundles themed around The Boys are returning to Call of Duty's in-game shop in time for the Season 4 debut of the show in June. The five DLC bundles include:

  • Tracer Pack: The Boys - Black Noir
  • Tracer Pack: The Boys - A-Train
  • Tracer Pack: The Boys – Firecracker
  • Tracer Pack: The Boys – Homelander
  • Tracer Pack: The Boys – Starlight

These bundles, assuming they are priced similarly to when they were previously in the shop, should cost around $20 each.

Additionally, other Season 4 store bundles include the previously announced Gundam crossover, as well as the offerings seen below that are in keeping with Call of Duty's tradition of unexpected and eye-catching operators. Activision will reveal more details on these new store bundles on May 24.

New operators are coming to Call of Duty soon
New operators are coming to Call of Duty soon

Season 4 starts May 29 for Call of Duty: Warzone and Modern Warfare 3, ushering in numerous new maps and modes. The upcoming season will also bring back an iconic rifle: the bolt-action Kar98k. Currently, there's a "Sally" weapon blueprint in the game that seemingly teases the rumored Black Ops 6. In fact, there's a file text that could possibly, maybe hint at the next Call of Duty being revealed this month.

Looking ahead, a Call of Duty showcase will supposedly take place on June 9, following the Xbox Showcase.

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