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Call Of Duty Boss Says Activision Fielded COD Theme Park Pitch

In a wide-ranging interview, Activision president Rob Kostich said that the company fielded a pitch for a Call Of Duty theme park.


There's no doubt that Call Of Duty is one of the biggest franchises in gaming, and the series is about to celebrate its 20th anniversary. However, some of the ideas offered to Activision can be downright strange. In an interview with GamesBeat, Activision president Rob Kostich said that the company heard a proposal for a Call Of Duty theme park.

This fact came as part of a question that regarded Call Of Duty as a multimedia franchise. Kostich said the following in response: "We’ve looked at a lot of those things. We’ve looked at multimedia. We’ve had proposals on theme parks. Throughout the years, we’ve always got the most benefit when we just focused on our core gameplay. We’re still, I would say, mostly focused on how many people can we get to enjoy playing Call of Duty around the world. What are the business models? What is the gameplay? What are the things that we have to do to make sure it’s really accessible and really fun for every type of player around the world? Ultimately, engagement in our game is by far the biggest thing that drives our success."

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As a whole, given that this is the first we're hearing about this, it's probably safe to assume that there won't be an "Eiffel Tower collapse" roller coaster coming to your local Six Flags, at least in the near future. It is worth noting that Activision was planning a Call Of Duty cinematic universe, though. However, it is clear that Call Of Duty is absolutely big business, as the franchise has 10 studios and 3,000 developers working on it at any given time. In that same interview, Kostich also said that AI tools need to be "vetted" to ensure that they actually help developers make better games. In other news, Call Of Duty Next premieres on October 5, so check that out.

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