Call of Duty: Black Ops tops $1 billion

Activision's shooter hits worldwide revenue milestone in less than two months; more than 600 million hours of play logged.


Call of Duty: Black Ops continues to mark off milestones, as Activision today announced that the Treyarch first-person shooter has reaped $1 billion in revenues since its November 9 debut. According to the publisher, "in all of entertainment," only James Cameron's blockbuster film Avatar has managed to break the billion-dollar mark that quickly.

With $1 billion in the bank, Black Ops .
With $1 billion in the bank, Black Ops .

It helped that Black Ops got off to a fast start. In the first 24 hours, 5.6 million gamers answered the latest Call of Duty for a total of $360 million in sales. Within the first five days, Black Ops sales had reached $650 million. Those numbers trumped last year's opening for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, which posted a 4.7 million unit, $310 million one-day total and reached $550 million in five days.

Naturally, people aren't just buying the game; they're also playing it in abundance. Activision claimed players have spent more than 600 million hours with Black Ops. The publisher cited statistics from Microsoft that the average player logs on to the game more than once a day, with each session lasting more than an hour. Additionally, more than half of that play time, on average, is spent in the game's online modes.

For more on Black Ops, check out GameSpot's review.

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Avatar image for PHOENIX1617

Te map pack is coming out and I was wright for all the maps! You cannot do anything and Treyarch is going to have more money... what a shame 15$

Avatar image for zalayetta

modern warfare2 is better than one!

Avatar image for Kevz0

1 billion!? Bad quality equals good sales?

Avatar image for doylerules29

now they are gonna charge 15 bucks for 4 maps and a zombie level, at least its better than infinity wards map packs

Avatar image for plm3d_basic

I guess they don't need infinity ward after all.

Avatar image for oneligas

zombies should let you use your multiplayer load outs after round ten or so

Avatar image for shimya

that's the profit before any map packs hit the market. They are going to milk it!

Avatar image for NWA90s

i only bought it for zombies

Avatar image for amaan4ever

still wont buy this trash

Avatar image for Kvon403

@raphaeljoash Are you joking, this is all because of CoD 4 because if that sucked the series would have died and battlefield and halo would have taken the spotlight. Also MW2 sucked because once again CoD 4 saved its @$$ because everyone was like "oh, well Infinity ward is made it and they made CoD 4 so it will be good" and well to be honest CoD WaW was not that big a deal although it was a great game

Avatar image for chilly-chill

Now compare the amount of extra content you get with COD to GTA expansions.

Avatar image for chilly-chill

@BornGamer Well said

Avatar image for lithus

@GSTom11: soo true. Medal of Honor gave out a free map pack, so should Treyarch. Black Op's is a great game. And it is better than Modern Warfare 2. But it has seriousl flaws. I'm still pissed at the shoddy weapon attachments with the overlord perk. Can't use a red dot and and grenade launcher? And what's with forcing gamers to play game modes they may not like to get certain pro perks? But I'm hoping the next add-on will be good. To all the BO's haters who said it wouldn't beat MW2! Cheers!

Avatar image for GSTom11

You would think with all this profit Activision would do something to THANK THE GAMERS. How about a free map pack for once as a thank you.

Avatar image for KuRf

Urm what's the point of this news again? Are you(Activision) will give me a free expansion or a map pack? No? Then buzz off.

Avatar image for Timmy_Gwar

I would be surprised if it DIDN'T make that much. No offense to Treyarch but there pants are caught on Infinity Wards Coat Tails. Oh, and PS: Buying the map pack for a ridiculous $15 now means that they can safely charge $20 for it later and so on. Its called supply and demand and we all demand WAY too much.

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Avatar image for MaiLovesZTP

[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]

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not playing it yet

Avatar image for progamemania

well deserved

Avatar image for lexluis

Videogames are bigger than movies now, its a fact

Avatar image for -HaloHitman-

Great game, but not amazing.

Avatar image for diabloakaSAHA

Call of duty has the best and the most intense multiplayer period. I really dont give a F whether bobby kotick kills kittens and punches puppies to make money but COD is sheer fun to paly nontheless.

Avatar image for TheBucks777

wow, this would not be happening if you guys would just stop buying the game! you all complain about how tired you are of it and all, but you end up buying the game anyways, so with all you guys doing that, why stop cod there?

Avatar image for apolloooo

now mods will get me :D

Avatar image for BornGamer

Britney Spears, McDonalds, American Idol, Call of Duty... Mass market trash is mass market trash, whatever the genre.

Avatar image for SoljaD2005

Okay! Give back the love and give everybody free map packs!

Avatar image for raphaeljoash

This is because of Mw2 if Mw2 sucked as hell this game wouldn't even sell...

Avatar image for Kendojin

@firgie Pretty much people are so hooked on FPS's their friends buy it just to play with them. I already told all my friends I wouldn't buy it because it's the same thing you played in MW2...and I was right. Makes me glad I didn't buy this game, only way I play it is borrowing from a friend because he's back on WoW playing Cataclysm. Honestly I'm pretty much done with CoD, after how many titles using the same engine how many problems have they fixed in it? None, they just keep adding crap and people keep eating it up, whatever wonder how many will eat up that map pack they're releasing?

Avatar image for mr_pink88

@inferno394 I'm sorry what game do you play that doesn't make you a sheep? Who are you kidding seriously? Your know different what so ever.

Avatar image for KrazzyDJ

Is the caption on the photo incomplete ???

Avatar image for inferno394

Wow, so many sheep in the world.

Avatar image for Gooper_Blooper

Pride goes before a fall. This crazy windfall is exactly the thing that will convince Activision that, if Call of Duty can make a billion once, it can do it, three, four, five times a year. I've known for a while CoD would follow the rise and fall of Tony Hawk and Guitar Hero. It's all going down from here, folks. Enjoy CoD while it's still hot and not a laughingstock of the industry.

Avatar image for DKant

Great. But is Black Ops actually better than MW2? Or does this just look suspiciously similar to a bubble? Next, (or maybe after two more iterations) Call of Duty: Black *pop* Ok that was awful. I'm genuinely sorry.

Avatar image for AssassinJul95

Why are they still suing EA $400 million then?! Oh my, Activision, you are truly the greediest gaming developers out there...INDIE DEVS FTW!

Avatar image for shkar

Darn !!!! I still am playing Medal Of Honor Online and have no time for this .........I guess I have to give it a try and leave the MEDIC CLASS - LESS medal of honor for good ,,, I mean seriously why isn't there any medic classes in MOH !!!!

Avatar image for PHOENIX1617

Even if you put thumbs down to all of my comments its the truth

Avatar image for franzito

Talk about... filthy rich

Avatar image for Spyder_V

@Gelugon_baat In response to your reply, though I agree that the majority of the people probably are disappointed due to the comparison, I am not. I knew full well that the companies creating the game were different and I wasn't expecting any similarities other than genre. In my review, I only compared the two games because magazines, internet sites, and blogs kept comparing the two games and stating that Black Ops and Treyarch had taken over the franchise. While I agree that Treyarch is doing an admirable job of attempting to fix all the issues, I believe that better beta testing and a bit more time would have probably been more beneficial. To the game, of course, not the sales.

Avatar image for -Fromage-

That's a crazy load of money.

Avatar image for PHOENIX1617

This are the First Strike maps for MP: Berlin Wall ; Discovery ; Kowloon ; Stadium ; This is the zombie map: Ascension..... sorry for writting 6 different comments but I just got the informations

Avatar image for PHOENIX1617

All this maps have been canceled and probably will come out in other map Packs: Havana ; Hotel ; Jungle ; Munich ; Landing ; Pentagon ; Port ; Rooftops ; Sandstorm ; Sea Lab ; Shipyard ; Underwater.

Avatar image for PHOENIX1617

For PS3 and PC the map pack will come out on March or April.. it will be also on Wii, maybe

Avatar image for PHOENIX1617

There should be 4 MP maps an a Zombie map

Avatar image for PHOENIX1617

The map pack coming out is First Strike on February 1st, 2011. It will cost 15$ or 1200 MS Points.... this for XBOX360

Avatar image for MrPopek

good marketing is all...

Avatar image for LOXO7

It's like a big wave. Everyone wants to play the next fps. Someone should make a really bad game and see if it sells well. I'm betting it would.

Avatar image for alberto2045

what a great game! everyone knew it was going to be like this