Call of Duty: Black Ops sells 20 million - Analyst

Wedbush's Michael Pachter says Treyarch's shooter has hit new sales milestone; analyst estimates 12 million units sold on Xbox 360, pegs Escalation DLC day-one sales as 4 million.


Call of Duty: Black Ops--the best-selling game in the US of all time--shipped in November and has minted over $1 billion to date for publisher Activision. Now, an analyst is trumpeting a new sales milestone for the game.

Black Ops is a screaming success, according to Pachter.
Black Ops is a screaming success, according to Pachter.

According to a recent tweet from Wedbush Securities analyst Michael Pachter, Call of Duty: Black Ops has sold 20 million units, 12 million of which were Xbox 360 copies. It was not made clear if the figure represented global sales or the tally of one specific region, and attempts to reach Pachter for comment were not successful.

The last officially reported sales total for Black Ops came in March, courtesy of the NPD Group, which said the period first-person shooter had sold 13.7 million units in the US alone.

Yesterday, Activision released the second $15 downloadable content for Black Ops in the form of the Escalation add-on, which Pachter estimates sold 4 million units on day one. The pack bundles four new multiplayer environments and one new zombie level dubbed "Call of the Dead."

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I prefer Modern Warfare 2.

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The harsh reality of it all is, for some time now, until we see Respawn's / Bungie's new IP or something from an independent studio, Call of Duty will continue to rule the XBOX 360. And I have a gut feeling that Battlefield 3 is going to rule the PC !!!

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[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]

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I am just disappointed in the gaming community now. I do not in any way mind games becoming popular but I do feel bad when there's gamers willing to buy COD after COD and never give those great little niche titles a try. If your one of those COD gamers that never plays anything but FPS then I am just recommending you try something new once in a while. I played COD and personally found it to be nothing special so if you consider yourself a gamer or want fun then look for high quality games rather than staying with the average stuff your comfortable with.

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Well I bought my copy Brand new. So Activision Should be happy. This game is overrated but fun.

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Sean, I had no idea you had such a deep background. Your work is amazing. I especially like your mention of Bernard Hermann. He is my favorite movie composer of all time. Glad to hear he is one of your influences. I'm looking forward to hearing more of your work in this incredible series, Call of Duty. Keep it up!

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Call of duty is fun and addicting no matter what. Thumbs up if you disagree with me, thumbs down if you agree with me, or don't do anything and just leeavvvveee ccaaalllll offf dutttyy aloneeee. Hehe.

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Lady Gaga has sold millions of records... doesn't mean shes any good.

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20 million x 30£= six hundred million pounds sad.RIP everyones wallet.This number has been wasted if 60millIpeople In England gavetheremoney to the government Englands economy would improve and university fees would be so high Sad.RIP everyones wallet.this amount of money has been wasted if 20MILL USERS GAVE 30£/$ TO CHARITY ALL ORPHANS WILL HAVE A GOOD LIFE AND ALL POOR COUNTRYS WILL BE RICHER.LESS PEOPLE WILL SUFFER. Sad.RIP OUT OF 20MILLION PEOPLE PROBABLY 5MILLION CHILDREN PLAY IT IF PARENTS DIDNT BUY THEIR CHILDREN THIS VIOLENT GAMES THERE WILL BE LESS CRIME IN THE WORLD. but instead 20million people actully waste their money on this garbage.Which is a recycled game year after year after year.Infact this game is so bad It makes fighter's uncaged look good. Why 20million people buy this should be the 1st wonder of the world.

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keep up the good work all your COD comments on how much it sucks and people that play COD must not know what a good game is are for sure slowing down the sells if we work hard may be MW3 well only sell 25 mill

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Terrible news,Activi$ion destroyed FPS genre with this crap franchise.

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Unsurprising. But I'd still rather play period shooter Call of Duty games than Modern Warfare rubbish...

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great game awesome sales

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Conclusion: 20 million people never bought a high quality game.

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I love COD BO, its the first one I've prestiged on so I've spent much more time on this one, but unless they advance it in someway for the next one I will be jumping ship to Battlefield 3, that games engine looks orgasmic

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It's just sad that an overpriced map pack for a rehashed game will sell more on day 1 than many quality games sell overall.

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ok everybody be honest, The main reason black ops sold well is because of zombies.... Hell i bought black ops on day 1 and my multiplayer character is still rank 38, because I only played zombies. P.S. long live nazi, pentagon, russia, and 70th abadoned ghost ship zombies!!!!!

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How many years old is the engine for this game ?

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I don't understand why people hate BO. M$ says it's awesome and they feel very proud about the game on the X360. So if M$ says it, then it must be true.

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I honestly like to play CoD. I won't buy another one though. I know they are re-skinned versions of CoD4 but they do get better with each game, if only a little. I myself am not much of an FPS gamer. I have many FPSs but my true calling is RPGs. Games that have many RPG elements are best. Customization and the feeling that you are advancing your own character are what I like. Battlefield lacks this but the gameplay is so damn good that it outshines everything else. If BRINK gets good reviews then I will buy it the second I can. But its games like The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim that I don't wait for the reviews for. Mass Effect 3 I will not get for a long while only because of Skyrim's close release date. CoD will soon be dead. Maybe the devs will realize that MW3 is the same thing as the past games. They did not seem to recognize it with any since WAW. While addictive, its not worth buying a new game each year, is what I am saying. Games that will last you longer are the ones that people should be paying attention to.

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60M from 5 maps in a single day? smh at all who buy into the hype. CoD 4 was awesome, every game since then is awful.

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Ok, ok Activision revel in your glory now, while you still have it. I'm afraid your reign of terrorizing gamers with crap has come to an end. That end is called Battlefield 3.

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cod has too much propaganda, lie too the developers before launching the game, they lie in advertising just to earn more money, the product does not really matter, activision deep know this is true

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I hate multiplayer in this game but my friends got it and nobody wanted to be smart and buy bfbc2 so i spent 60$ on a game that i only use to play zombies

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What makes this sad news is that this game is trash compared to the Modern Warfare games. Hate to admit I added to that figure too, I'll admit I was sold on the video recording feature and I didn't try zombies before. And they were good, but they weren't enough to make up for the poor showing in the gameplay graphics and sound departments.

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I wish people would stop bashing Call Of Duty,I understand the games have turned to trash for most long time players,but the franchise will continue to have a large following simply because of the games name sake,and of its easy- to-play game play.I myself will not be buying the next COD,simply because at this point,they all feel like rehashes of the last title.Last great call of duty was Modern Warfare 1,before Activision started to cash in on the series.

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Call of Duty is just garbage now. Modern Warfare 3 is going to blow ass, yet millions of people will still buy it. I hope consumers will wake up this year and realize that Call of Duty games aren't anything special, but they probably won't. It's sad what the gaming industry has come to.

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This game is trash & worse then MW2...Zombies LMFAO yeah ok

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Call of Duty is destroying the creative architecture of the gaming scene. Just as in any other business (Apple is a prime example), rivaling companies will always look upon awesomely successful franchises or products, and attempt to copy and/or stake some type of piece of the money pie, which in this case in Call of Duty. There is no true, logical reason for large selling point, except for the fact that Call of Duty boasts not only an incredibly accessible and initially fun scheme, it is bolstered by a youth demographic who spreads word of the game quickly, which translates to huge sales, as those youth tell their friends. The frustrating aspect is that for more experienced gamers and for people who shine a keen eye on the market and on the franchise, the game really has been re-skinning the Call of Duty 4 engine (a great one, but aging), putting in some new, half-creative/half-typical-Call of Duty maps, writing a generic modern war story, and renaming it for marketing value. The only thing we can do is wait. Look at what happened to Guitar Hero. Milking eventually equals the lack of the original IP even on the market. Wait it out, and who knows, maybe Bungie's new game, and/or Respawn's new game will launch a new revolution! Or if you're anxious, and only care about what's been announced, there's Brink in 6 days, and Battlefield 3 in 6 months. Peace.

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wow. Congrats Activision.

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When will people stop buying an annual reskinned CoD4 game?