Call of Duty: Black Ops II hits Nov. 13

Official website reveals new Call of Duty title to be set in near future and to ship on November 13 for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC; launch trailer inside.


The speculation has ended. Activision has confirmed Call of Duty: Black Ops II for a November 13, 2012, launch for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC. The news comes by way of the official Call of Duty website, which (perhaps too soon) launched a splash page for the new game.

Black Ops II has blown its cover.
Black Ops II has blown its cover.

As was previously suspected, Black Ops II will be set in the near future, during a "21st Century Cold War where technology and weapons have converged to create a new generation of warfare."

No specific settings for Black Ops II were revealed, but a still image from a video embedded on the game's website appears to depict the Californian city of Los Angeles in flames. Last week, several global settings for the project were teased, including China, Japan, and Afghanistan.

A Black Ops sequel is less than surprising at this point. The game had already been spotted on French and Spanish retailer websites, and an employee at a contract art studio listed work for Black Ops II on his resume.

Additionally, the information floodgates began pouring out Black Ops II information late last month. In the span of two weeks, retail marketing material revealed the game would be unveiled in early May, with the first images of Black Ops leaking last week alongside box art for the game.

The original Call of Duty: Black Ops remains the most successful Call of Duty game to date, selling more than 25 million copies through August 2011. Last year's Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 initially sold at a faster pace than its predecessor, but failed to make the NPD Group's Top 10 list in March, its fifth month of release. In contrast, Black Ops had become the best-selling game of all time in the US by the March following its debut and cracked the NPD Top 10 for 11 straight months.

Tonight, Activision will officially take the wraps off its newest Call of Duty game during the NBA playoffs on TNT.

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@jerseycarter15 yh, in your little world maybe lol

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I will not be buying this complete and utter twaddle! Same as i didnt MW2 & 3 (rented, but only because it was rent one get one free lol) and Black ops.....Last CoD game i brought (and still own) was the excellent World at War. Nothing will ever top this CoD. Funny how Ghost Recon Future soldier is influencing other titles.....and it has not even been released yet. I think the only Black ops featured in this new CoD is how they sneaked into Ubisofts studio to blatantly steal ideas from GR:FS.....and get away with it!

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I don't know why this is news to be honest. Everyone know this is an annual release so it's no bigger news than Christmas. Except you usually have a good time on Christmas :)

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look great

Avatar image for Sergeant_

Jeebes007@ Realistic? Yea cause military's across the globe are using kill streaks...

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Nobody should buy this game. Opinion has nothing do with it really... These people don't patch their games once a new one comes out, and refuse to even return to ban the hackers who are amazingly easy to pinpoint. Screw encouraging that kind of half-assed effort. If you like Black Ops and/or MW3 you better play a lot of it before this game comes out, or start pre-complaining to Activision/Treyarch.

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The futuristic setting does look good, but at the same time it'll probably just use the same engine from 2007.

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@djpetitte Because all that you listed aren't essential to the survival of series, that not where they wanna take the game.. If they did all that what you ask will you be please then or will you just find other faults or short comings.. There main goal is to make money (as they are apart of a business) and to get those that love the series, to keep buying.. Apple has taught alot of these companies if you have a formula working, don't stray too far from the normal, give them some of what they want, never all at once.. Most fans have be asking to change stuff up a bit, keys is do change right away because they'll still ask for more.. BF3 brought so so improvements (new engine skin just to cover over BF2), now what will they do next to improve, add another new engine? Now i'm not saying they can't improve any further but when you throw all your card all out there at once, you short change yourself later down.. What CoD does, is copy and paste most stuff but add tiny incremental updates (some little thing as tweaking the engine) etc... In essentially it similar to apple, with each new iphone/ipad release, never play all your cards at once..

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HECK YEAH!!! Day 1 purchase!!! WiiU version, Here I come!!! Treyarch are AWESOME!!! :D

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ppl are stupid if they buy this. theyre feeding these greedy f*cks more money and COD will never end

Avatar image for hyperstealth

idiot, how is treyarch greedy? not like they're forcing you to buy this... and people buying games that they enjoy doesn't make them stupid.

Avatar image for djpetitte

Can you man the vehicles? Does the enviroment explode, is it 32 on 32? If not its the same old crap its been since 2007. I cant believe they can make so much money off this utter garabage copy and pasted software.

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all the 12 year olds across the gaming planet knows what they will be putting on their Christmas list

Avatar image for polterdice

I'm confused, I thought this game already came out?

Avatar image for cool_goofy

Imma Lol when I play this in 2025 for the first time...Thats how excited I am...

Avatar image for BoabDreeps

I'll pick it up second hand

Avatar image for jtthegame316

Enough with the milk of duty

Avatar image for CTR360

looks very promosing i buy it probably

Avatar image for DiscGuru101

a "21st Century Cold War where technology and weapons have converged to create a new generation of warfare." --This makes me aroused for Ghost Recon: Future Soldier

Avatar image for Nercis

Look deep in to my anus and see how mush i care...

Avatar image for UrbanTracker

hmm.......ok new direction 4 call of duty......kinda ghost recon like....lots of vehicular gameplay dis tym i guess(even horses i imagine)....will b there is improvement and as usual story looks like it will pack a punch...

Avatar image for vader501st

Updated graphics, a very different (if not out of place entirely) new setting, and a story that follows up the events involving Mason and Woods of the first Black Ops; Sounds like a recipe for a spectacular game. If they also manage to keep the unparalleled gameplay of the series intact and balance the multiplayer even further, CoD will be the undisputed First Person Shooter of the year once more. EA's got some serious trouble coming their way now.

Avatar image for TheoAlmighty

im actually interested in seeing how the single player turns out with all the mechs and drones. *gets thumbed down for interest*

Avatar image for lorider25

Looks good, I'm not a big fan of COD, but this trailer has me interested for now. I don't think they'll do any big changes on the multiplayer, but will see.

Avatar image for slonekb05

just chalk up a 7-8 score with same game play everyone hates or loves. Just give me more zombie stuff and il be cool.

Avatar image for Jeebes007

COD goes Ghost Recon, they really are running out of ideas. Whatever happened to the brutal down and dirty COD gameplay like WaW and Black Ops, or the insanely intense campaigns of COD 1 and 2? They just keep pumping out future warfare crap and forget that COD used to be one of the most historical and realistic FPS games on the planet, they need to go back to their roots.

Avatar image for Superzone

@pokemonblackftw: I'll admit the trailer looked kinda cool, but I highly doubt the gameplay itself will change much at all, which almost immediately turns off my interest. The game can be as shiny and cool-looking as it wants to be, but if the core of it all, the gameplay, doesn't change at all from the last 5 games, then what's the point?

Avatar image for AyatollaofRnR

Setting sounds interesting. The game would have to do something beyond the typical COD formula for me to buy it though. Too many games coming out later this year that I want already.

Avatar image for Alpr1010

In other news, the sky is blue, but now it is light-blue!

Avatar image for Takeno456

Well it looks newish. The future theme is interesting but 2025 really? were not even close to that kind of tech. Also this whole "21st Century Cold War" thing, let me guess were gonna fight Russian's again arn't we... So this looks new but its CoD so I'm not gonna believe this until is see alot more. Stopped buying CoD and I need to be convinced to ever buy back into it.

Avatar image for ToTs_00

@thebiggunner I know your being sarcastic but [spoiler] Every one essential to the MW story died at the end of Modern warfare 3 so there most likely won't be a MW4 [/spoiler]

Avatar image for dre256x

Trailer is awesssssssssssssoooommmmmmmmmeeeeeee... Metal Gear meets CoD.. lol who taught of that, only thing missing is stealth sneaking..

Avatar image for deactivated-5d243b04cf26c

What was wrong with continuing the (real) Cold War theme? Perhaps visiting Berlin, sneaking into the East to extract valuable agents from the clutches of the Stasi or fighting the Red Army Faction and other 70s terrorist groups in European locales. We already have a 'near-future' COD.

Avatar image for jayrocks111

Look at all the complainers.

Avatar image for dj_tiesto_9000

I see the future. . . COD BO2 The same as Black ops 2 ...gamestop review : 10/10 . . . I dont want to live in this planet anymore. . .

Avatar image for mkb11109

stopped buying Call of Duty games after black ops, don't think ill be buying any more soon.

Avatar image for jack00

Is the multiplayer player gonna be broken 'cause of crappy hit detection like black ops ? It's Treyarch so probably, yeah...

Avatar image for MrVette427

November 13, 2012 the day I save $59.99

Avatar image for XboxGuy1537

Maybe this time they will actually try to run the game on a better engine.

Avatar image for LoganWesker


Avatar image for Superzone

You know, if they would actually change things up and do something new and innovative, I would be interested and actually buy this. But they won't, so I'm not. Sorry, I'm not interested in buying a $60 map pack.

Avatar image for phillyeagles123

Yawn, I've got bigger fish to fry.

Avatar image for Sgthombre

@abompro This is nitpicking, but MW2 takes place in 2015 ;)

Avatar image for Sgthombre

@beast70 And yet it was one of the highest selling games on Steam for about 5 months.

Avatar image for ps2fatboy

ok learn from the people and make this cod the best damn cod we can get ,i wanna be blown away co-op campainge xp earned in zombie mode and killer multiplayer please :) with 20 to 30 online on each team lets do it :)

Avatar image for Sgthombre

Hmmm... a near future Cold War? Interesting. I'd love to kick some Soviet or Chinese @$$ in this century, but at the same time I'm getting a little tired of this series. Don't get me wrong, I'm a huge fan of COD (I bet that comment just makes some of you guy's skin crawl. Ah! An opinion I don't like! DOWN VOTE!!), but at the same time I'd hope that Treyarch changes things up a bit. I'd say that they take a lot more risks that IW, and we will have to wait and see what they do.

Avatar image for IgotEpixx

Modern Warfare 3 actually sold -less- overall than Black Ops did. Yes, the launch was the biggest but sales trickled down after that. People are getting tired of the same old formula. There is a dent in the figures there and it will only get bigger with every copy/paste CoD.

Avatar image for matthewhepworth

At least with treyarch you know they will at least try and bring something new to the table. I love CoD but I would be lying if I said I wasn't getting a bit fed up of the same jazz over and over. BO had the currency system which was a nice change, the emblem editor was a good idea until you get bored of seeing various animal fornication and penis emblems so called heterosexual males create and emblaze on the side of their gun like a badge of sexually confused pride. Anyways I'm rambling now so I will get to the point (finally). MW3 just feels like a glorified expansion to MW2, where as BO felt different from the pack, so I hope that BO2 will steer away from the safety and normality of the other games in the franchise, and bring fresh elements to the table.

Avatar image for reyace

@mrsniper83: Call of Duty is getting old in general.

Avatar image for Landsharkk

Good, I will finally be able to buy MW3 used for $25 and beat the campaign. That's all I ever really wanted. I've beat all of the COD campaigns since COD 1 until now. I'm not willing to pay full price for a few small changes. The campaigns are fun, but not worth $60 alone and I can get better FPS multiplayer elsewhere.