Call of Duty: Black Ops deploying November 9

[UPDATE] Teaser Web site reveals launch date of Treyarch's next installment in series; co-op mode, Vietnamese, Cuban, and Arctic locales confirmed; full trailer inside.


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Though it wasn't supposed to be officially revealed until later tonight, the next Call of Duty game has been unmasked early. The official Web site of the game, subtitled Black Ops, went live this morning, revealing its launch date of November 9, 2010. The bare-bones site revealed no other details about the game, which is in development at internal studio Treyarch, developer of the 11-million-unit best-seller Call of Duty: World at War.

Call of Duty is gunning for early November...again.
Call of Duty is gunning for early November...again.

[UPDATE] Activision has now officially announced Call of Duty: Black Ops, which it says will "take players behind enemy lines in an entirely new chapter" of the first-person shooter series. The publisher confirmed that the game will have a single-player campaign, competitive multiplayer, and a co-op mode. It is unclear if the co-op mode will be for the entire campaign or will have a more limited scope as in Modern Warfare 2's Special Ops mode.

Today's revelation follows rumors that the next Call of Duty game would focus on either the Vietnam War or, as now appears more likely, various regional and guerrilla conflicts that broke out during the Cold War. Silicon Valley blog VentureBeat went so far in an article yesterday as to say that the game would be titled Call of Duty: Vietnam, which is now obviously not the case.

[UPDATE 2] UK retailer GAME has apparently confirmed the multinational Cold War setting in its product description for the game, which reads: "Call of Duty Black Ops is the next installment in the thrilling Call of Duty franchise. Packing an amazing single-player story that will see you fight across the globe in locations such as Cuba, Vietnam and the Arctic." Since Vince Zampella and Jason Ward's lawsuit against Activision said Infinity Ward had control of all Call of Duty games set after the Vietnam War, a Cold War setting is almost assured.

The Black Ops announcement is a positive piece of news for Activision's Call of Duty series, following weeks of negative press surrounding the franchise. Modern Warfare 2 developer Infinity Ward has been at the center of Activision's problems, with more than 26 key staff members resigning and many joining the studio's fired cofounders Jason West and Vince Zampella at their new startup, Respawn Entertainment. On Tuesday, 38 former and current Infinity Ward employees sued Activision for $150 million to $625 million, claiming nonpayment of Modern Warfare 2 bonuses and royalties.

For a closer look at Treyarch's last game, Call of Duty: World at War, watch the video review below.

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Activision, being Modern Warfare 3's publisher, is showing the games multiplayer at the Call of Duty XP convention on September 2. All of the << LINK REMOVED >> perks, weapons, maps will be shown there. MW3 is going to be great.

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unless they introduce something completely new and exciting (besides sp) then IW isn't getting any money from me this year. (or treyarch, doesn't matter)

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Treyarch all day!

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@xtremeflem2day I also said it may be because you didn't like it. I don't know you but in my experience it's one of the two. And I didn't say it was the best. But it's pretty great. Though it does have some flaws but every game out there does. And it's hardly realistic. It's full of blatantly obvious movie references. It's action movie war and it pulls it off rather well, in my opinion. Also sitting in a corner and noob tubing doesn't work too great since the M203's in the game won't detonate withing a certain range. And all it takes is for someone to noob tube your corner to get you out. Pretty simple. I have a class set up for just such an occasion. It also shouldn't surprise you that people will respond negatively when you gripe about a game on a gaming site? Maybe you should find a site that's all about people hating Modern Warfare 2 and post your comments there. Probably will get far less negative responses.

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wii!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! thats all I have to say plz plz plz wii!!!!!!!!!!!

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@gamerpipe I guess that could be a good idea such as TDM no killstreaks.

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@kleinster123 I always get killstreaks and I don't camp, it is because some people camp or boost only to get some killsteaks. Garbage is those who do this. I only want another game type where there is no killstreak. not banning killstreaks.

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cube-gage: and thanks for the site, Britains small wars.I knew abit about our wars against the Communists such as Aden and Oman but Malaya and Borneo whilst i had knowledge of their occurence the details were abit shady, that site should fill me in further.

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cube-gage:Iv actualy posted a question on yahoo answers about this and it seems there may have been gurkah units fighting over there too.What seperates us from the Americans is they have alot of secrets, but the fact we know they have alot is what differentiates us from them-we're better at keeping them! Which is why its so hard to pin down British involvement in vietnam. The medals you mentioned were the Vietnam clasp, 1962-64. Most were issued to Australian personel but a certain amount were struck and accountable for the Australian recipients, there is however some left over that could have possibly gone to British servicemen.Its a very grey area and likley to remain that way i think.

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@mikees1 Yey Im glad im not alone in knowing that about Vietnam. I think it was just to politically sensitive at the time for the PM to publicly support Vietnam. Lets not forget that we were also in Malaya (malaysia) and Borneo during the Vietnam era. Which arent to far from Vietnam. And im sure there were still plenty more areas of British influence in asia at the time. So I think there was probably quite allot going on behind the scenes. I read there were even medals awarded with the location south vietnam and dates 1962-64. But no mention of units or names. Info taken from a site called Britains small wars.

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@arronfhff123 I was being sarcastic in my comment, I know WAW has new things in it, that's what I was pointing out.

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@gamerpipe Why would you not want there to be killstreaks is it because your to garbage to get one?

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cube-gage:Thanks for mentioning that, the British were in vietnam, but only the SAS. They were there in a supervisory role to the Aussie SAS, though both saw action and both were succesfull in the engagements they had. It was down to the succeses of both SAS units that America asked Britain to join but our Prime minister of the time, Harold Macmillan refused.Iv done abit of research on this awhile back and it does seem that some Americans rememered British voices, though in American fatiques, this was probably for deniability reasons.

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@TrueIori You're an angry little boy aren't you? What I'm saying is that most casual gamers will eat this stuff up like candy because it will have a massive ad campaign plus their friends will buy it and they will feel like they need to as well. The quality of the game will most likely not matter for most, good or bad. And yes, that is the way the world works whether you like it or not.

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I won't buy this game if it has TI . Likely to buy it if there is a game type without killstreak.

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@GBPackersrule you forgot to list the Halo books and the new Halo anime show.

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I was really hoping for a great historically accurate vietnam game. Would of been cool to have just one main american character, but you could of had an australian, american, south vietnamese, SAS ( yes the British were in Vietnam covertly). Have some helicopter missions, door gunning etc. Instead they for some reason think we need to have the usual assortment of snowy level, desert level, beach level, rainy forest level, night time level. No we just want a solid historically accurate game with great level design, set pieces, story, History lessons in between levels, realistic weapons. Im not saying the thngs in black ops didnt happen in real life, but imo its a cop out from making a real vietnam game and trying to be modern warfare in all but name. By the way cod 2 and big red one were different games all together.

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On a side note. If Treyarch were ever free to roam outside the boundries of Call Of Duty. I would like to see them expand on a zombie game. Call of Dutys WAW real hidden gem in my opinion was Nazi zombies with its great WW2 settings,weapons, Nazi zombies,dogs and perks plus a hidden storyline it was really a interesting and addictive game. Add a more in depth story, more zombie classes,perks, and some good level designs and i see a game that could rival Left 4 Dead.

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Comparing Halo to COD in terms of milking, it is pretty similar. Look for yourself: Halo CE- 2001 Halo 2- 2004 Halo 3- 2007 Halo Wars (it is based off Halo so it counts)- 2008 Halo ODST- 2009 Halo Reach- 2010 Total: 6 COD series Call of Duty- 2003 Call of Duty Finest Hour- 2004 Call of Duty 2/ Big Red One- 2005 Call of Duty 3- 2006 Call of Duty 4- 2007 Call of Duty WAW- 2008 COD: Modern Warfare 2- 2009 COD: Black Ops- 2010 Total: 8 Not really that much different in terms of numbers, but at least Halo dishes out a somewhat fresh experience with each release. COD has pretty much been the same Copy and Paste since COD4 came out. And I don't expect that to change. Milking is a delicate word. Because unlike Halo, the COD brand will be milked until it is as respected as the Dynasty Warriors brand.... lol.

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Beyond all that........I've got serious reservations about financially supporting Acti by purchasing another CoD game, after they ran most of Infinity Ward up outta there. Is it time for the series to die?

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I like Treyarch, seems like they actually care. But I really am getting sick of Call of Duty games every, single year. I hope activision doesnt rush Bungie now that theyve strangely decided to sign with them.

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I don't mind however I'd hate if Treyarch did the whole "So yeah that's the Singplayer, BUT OH MY G0D GUISE..... 1T HAZ Z0MB1E5!!!!!!" I hate that

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not another one.

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will there be zombie mode?

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@ jokethis21 I completely disagree. Well not completely. I agree that the singleplayer campaign is way better than the BF games, but I absolutely do not see how the limited multiplayer of CoD beats BF in anyway shape or form. Bigger battles, more players, squads, better ranking system, ranking unlocks that link with other games in the series, destructible environments, vehicles, better designed levels...I don't see how CoD is better than that. BF has always been a multiplayer game from the ground up and is better than CoD. The only thing CoD is good at is delivering on smaller scale focused battles, but BF feels more complete of a package to me. CoD does what it shoots for fantastically, but BF to me is far longer lasting with the options it offers.

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MW has to go back to the drawing board. right now you have everyone jumping ship to BC2 for different reasons, specialy if you got the limited edition you get free DL of maps with out having to pay for it like MW2.

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Treyarch just takes what Infinity ward do with there Call of duty games and just adds alot more glossy graphics

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Why is everyone here goddamn illiterate

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Vietnam would have been sick, yet it looks like they'll just make another copy of the mw2 campain. Tramping around the world killing terrorists. Would rather get in the head of a vietnam war vet than a cold war commando. Cod4 was still the best game in the cod series, multiplayer and campain...

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How about a game that isn't entirely based around guns and killing people? =o

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am not buying cod evey year

Avatar image for snarl2

Have not bought a single cod! Why? So I don't get addicted to it! It would cost me a lot of money when they come with a new cod like every year! Than you got all of the DLC!

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They are really doing a disservice to the franchise (in the long run) but pumping these games out every year to the day basically. I'd rather they wait at least 2 years inbetween games to give them some unique flavor. They have gotten alltogether to homoegenous in my opinion.

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@jonzilla_basic Seriously? They made a huge mistake and lost billions of dollars by not making a Wii version of MW2. I don't see why they didn't, (because all other COD games are on Wii). But I don't think they would make the same mistake twice, especially since it is on Treyarch now. *(One of the rumors about the Infinity Ward members being fired is because they prevented the publishing of the Wii version of a game.)

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I don't really fond of COD:WAW before ... MW2 and COD2 is the best for me .... but I will look into this ... if the review shine, I will take it ...

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I wish, for Activision's sake, that this game is going to be good...otherwise, I say it's going to be the last Call of Duty game in such a long-standing series =(

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Treyarch still has my confidence! MW2 although a decent game has too many flaws, I do still occasionally play MW2, that is when I take a break from BBC2!!! I will be buying this and also the new Fallout Vegas later in the year!

Avatar image for Imsterminate

@ SIDEFX1 That's your opinion. I personally think COD is very fun, and so does many people. That's why it's still the most played game on the xbox (according to gamespot/raptr) Are that many people arcade players?

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@enkhbattsenguun Do you even know what you're talking about? Pro players are getting 100s of thousands of dollars playing Halo. Without Halo Combat Evolved we wouldnt be even having this conversation. And Halo is coming out every year? Halo CE 2002 Halo 2 2004 Halo 3 2007 halo Reach 2010 ODST was an expansion to Halo 3, why are you comparing it to MW2? A real game? You dont know what you are talking about give up. And by your logic Halo would have out 9 games by now if they put out one every year, but no they are working on the 4th.

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World at War was my favourite, so hopefully this can level up to expectations. Looking forward to the game, will be interesting to watch further previews and videos to see if this game has the potential to being a fantastic game. And the obvious - Bring back Zombies. :)

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so word through the grapevine states that dedi's will return for this title....I wonder how this will playout considering the disaster of a game (on the PC at least) called MW2..

Avatar image for NoLifeGamin

Well since IW is so messed up. It's up to Treyarch to keep CoD in business i guess. Since MW2, never gonna buy a CoD game again. Rather, im lookin forward to Medal of Honor.

Avatar image for AssassinJul95

@TT_audi_34, it's the same game. Call of Duty: Black Ops is based in Vietnam, Cuba and the Arctic.

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wow im actually looking forward too a treyarch cod game i mean lets face it cod 3 was crap! and when they said they where doing cod waw the expectations wernt to high but waw was pretty good! and this looks good too! so hopefully they will come threw on this one too!.

Avatar image for TT_audi_34

so wait is there 2 cod games coming out this year? I know Black ops is one and what about that Cod: vietnam war? Can someone please clear it up for me.

Avatar image for enkhbattsenguun

halo sucks and people are playing it and mw2 was better than halo3 odst. And halo is coming on every year like call of duty.