Call Of Duty: Black Ops Cold War Season 2 Battle Pass: New Operator, Weapons, And More Are Coming

Season 2 is almost here--find out what's included with the 100-tier Battle Pass.


It's a huge week for Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War and Warzone, as Season 2 kicks off on February 25. A new Battle Pass will be available, too, and now Activision has released a trailer for it and announced what players can expect in terms of unlocks across its 100 tiers. All of the details are laid out on Activision's website and we've rounded up the key points here.

New Operator

Everyone who buys the Season 2 Battle Pass gets instant access to a new Operator--his name is Kapano "Naga" Vang. He's aligned with the Warsaw Pact and is an ally of the Black Ops Cold War villain Perseus. He comes with a "Viper" skin, while players can complete his missions to get XP rewards, extra cosmetic items, and four Legendary skins--Cobalt, Ashen Scale, Crimson Code, and Rattlesnake. You can get a closer look at him in the trailer below.

Other Perks

Everyone who buys the Season 2 Battle Pass gets 10% increase on XP throughout the entire season, while they also receive the Wellington Safari Watch and a new "Survivor" skin for the Operator Park.

More Weapons

The Season 2 Battle Pass includes the FARA 83 assault rifle (tier 15) and the LC10 SMG (tier 31) that you can unlock simply by progressing through the tiers, or by spending money. The new FARA 83 rifle has better effective damage range and bullet velocity compared to similar rifles, while the LC10 SMG is a more well-rounded SMG with 34-round magazines.

The LC10
The LC10

More Skins

Season 2's Battle Pass also comes with a new Renegade skin for Adler (tier 20), the Coyote Dust skin for Powers (tier 70), and the Tactical Roll finishing move (tier 19).

New Music

Additional music tracks are also available in Season 2's Battle Pass, including Black Ops II Mixtape (tier 44), Rock Pack II (tier 72) and Pop Pack (tier 94). "Some things are best left to be listened to, although we know how much you want to know more, more, more about these packs. All we can say for now is that when Season Two starts, hurry to unlock these two War Track packs; they're waiting there for you," Activision said.

New Weapon Blueprints

Similar to previous Battle Passes, this new one includes 20 weapon blueprints, including 11 of the Legendary variety and one Ultra rare weapon. The three Legendary blueprints that Activision announced include the Glade Ripper LMG (tier 21), the First Mate SMG (tier 27), and the Dragon Idol SMG (tier 55).

As for the Ultra rare weapon blueprint, this is the Vulture Exo. It's unlocked at tier 95, and the cool thing about it is that it changes appearance based on the number of kills you have in a match. As an example, Activision said this weapon initially glows green with a skeleton of a bird wrapped around it, and the color of the energy changes from blue to orange and then red depending on how well you're doing.

Tier 100 Rewards

For those who make it all the way to tier 100, they will unlock a variety of extra-special items, including the Warlord skin for Naga and a special mission, along with the Poison Dart Legendary SMG blueprint. Additionally, everyone who buys the Season 2 Battle Pass or makes it all the way through the 100 tiers will get 1,300 COD Points, which is enough to buy the next Battle Pass for the inevitable Season 3.

How To Buy

The Season 2 Battle Pass will be available for 1,000 Call of Duty Points or you can get the Battle Pass Bundle for 2,4000 Call of Duty Points. This includes the Battle Pass and 20 instant tier skips, which gets you the FARA 83 assault rifle and the Tactical Roll finishing move right away.

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More To Come

Outside of the new Battle Pass, Season 2 will offer additional DLC bundles for purchase. In the second week of Season 2, Activision will release the Maxis Operator bundle that comes with Samantha Maxis as a playable character, as well as two weapon blueprints. These include the Ultra-rare Z-74u SMG and the Legendary Neutralizer shotgun. The bundle also comes with the "Maim and Tame" finishing move, two emblems, a calling card, two stickers, and a charm.

Head to Activision's website to see a full rundown of the Season 2 Battle Pass and what to expect.

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