Call Of Duty: Black Ops Cold War Pre-Load And File Size Details

Here's how to pre-load Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War.


Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War's November 13 release date is quickly approaching. Fans who want to hop in as soon as the game drops are in luck: Pre-loading will be available, though only if you preorder. Pre-loading on PS4 and Xbox One will start on November 5 at 9 PM PT/ midnight ET. Pre-loading on PC will start on November 10 at 10 AM PT/ 1PM ET. Pre-loading on next gen consoles will start on their respective launch dates--November 10 for Xbox Series X (read our Xbox Series X review) and November 12 for PlayStation 5. The file size for PS4 is 95 GB. Xbox one file size is 93 GB. PC is 35 GB for just multiplayer, 82 GB for the full game, and 125 GB for the full game on Ultra settings. The PS5's file size will be 133 GB and the Series X/S will be a whopping 136 GB.

In addition to the ability to pre-load, folks who preorder Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War will get the Confrontation Weapon Pack. According to a blog post on the Call of Duty site, the Confrontation Weapon Pack for Cold War comes with digital preorders, along with the Woods Operator pack for Modern Warfare and Warzone. It will be available as soon as Create-a-Class is unlocked and comes with two rifles "stylized to show the cultural divide between East and West Cold War Forces."

The rifle representing the USSR is the Iron Curtain. It's an assault rifle based on "an iconic Soviet heavy-hitting weapon." The other Blueprint is the Western Front, which is a three-round burst tactical rifle with "plenty of patriotic flare." Both Blueprints will have five pre-configured attachments, so you can experiment with which ones work best for you before they're unlocked organically for each weapon. To check out and equip these Blueprints, you will need to head to the Create-a-Class section of the Loadouts menu.

How To Pre-Load

Pre-loading will be available before the game’s November 13 launch for all platforms, including next-generation consoles once they arrive.

Below is a breakdown of when pre-loading begins on all platforms:

PlayStation 4: Pre-loading will be available on November 5 at 9 PM PT/ midnight ET.

Xbox One: Pre-loading will be available on November 5 at 9 PM PT/ midnight ET.

PC: Pre-loading will be available on November 10 at 10 AM PT/ 1 PM ET.

Next Generation Consoles: Pre-loading will be available on their respective launch dates (November 10 for Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S, November 12 for PlayStation 5).

On PS4, we have confirmed the process for downloading the game ahead of time. After going to the PlayStation Store and checking your library, you'll see the game included. From there, you'll see options to download the different components of the game, including the campaign. Black Ops Cold War is allowing players to install only certain modes, if they prefer, to cut down on total file size.

File Sizes

PlayStation 4: 95 GB

Xbox One: 93 GB

PC: 35 GB (multiplayer only), 82 GB (full game). 125 GB (full game on Ultra graphics)

PlayStation 5: 133 GB

Xbox Series X/S: 136 GB

Note that the Series X is rumored to only have 364 GB of usable space, so you will have to budget your storage accordingly.

If your version of the game is digital but it hasn't started pre-loading once the window opens, go to your platform's store and follow the instructions there to start your download. On PC, Black Ops Cold War can be found under “Partner Games” in the Launcher. You should also make sure your system's firmware is completely up to date before you try to pre-load.

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Storage size of this upcoming gen to be released is gonna really come back to haunt both sony and ms. NVME are nice for speed but absolutely horrible for storage and price point

400$ for 2TB of such drives that 4/5 the price of the system and 200$ for 1TB size any one with brain can see how badly this will end if the price of these drives dont drop DRAMATICALLY

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This is getting silly..

This isn't incliuding the 30 GB day 1 patch.

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They're going to need to bundle these COD games with an external drive at this rate.

Funny though, for a game that's very meh in content it sure does take up a lot of space.

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