Call Of Duty: Black Ops Cold War Multiplayer Gameplay Leaks Ahead Of Reveal

Just short of a week before its official reveal, a few minutes of Cold War multiplayer have leaked online.


Ahead of an official reveal on September 9, a few minutes of multiplayer from Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War has leaked online, showing a neon-lit battlefield on the streets of Miami.

The footage shows off a 6v6 VIP Escort mode and gives some hints as to the direction developer Treyarch is taking with this year's multiplayer offering. For starters, it seems the low time to kill has been retained from last year's Modern Warfare, this time with health bars above opponent's heads so that you can see exactly how close you are to a kill.

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The loadout system seems familiar too, with five attachment slots for weapons and evidence suggesting progression on a per-weapon basis. Each loadout also features a lethal, tactical, and field upgrade slot, as well as options for Wildcard slots. These are filled with perks, with the footage showing off "Perk Greed" which lets you double up on perks, and "Danger Close" which stocks you up with more grenades.

The footage has been circulating across Twitter, with most being deleted shortly after posting.

The mode itself features two teams of six taking turns either defending or attacking a VIP, with only a single life during each round. The multiplayer factions here are the CIA and DGI to fit with the Cold War theme of this sequel to the first Black Ops entry. Matches also seem to end with a Play of the Game style montage instead of just the final kill, although that might be specific to this game mode.

Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War is having its development duties split, with support studio on multiple Call of Duty entries, Raven Software, handling the game's politically charged single-player campaign. Along with multiplayer, Cold War will also feature a new zombies mode that has yet to be revealed.

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