Call Of Duty: Black Ops Cold War And Warzone -- Here's Everything New For March 15

Activision announces the new modes, store bundles, and more this week for Black Ops Cold War and Warzone.


Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War and the battle royale game Warzone have been refreshed yet again with new content, modes, and more to mark the new week. Activision ran through all the details in a blog post, and we're rounding up the key takeaways here. Those include a holiday-themed mode, returning favorites in the rotation, and new bundles, among other additions.

Black Ops Cold War Playlist Updates

The themed St. Patrick's Day Stockpile mode will remain available in multiplayer. But at 10 AM PT on Thursday, March 18, the mode will revert back to standard Stockpile. When this changeover happens, the four leaf clovers will change back to regular dog tags. As usual, players must pick up these dog tags from fallen enemies and deposit them into an objective to score points.

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Additionally, Knife Fight 3v3 is coming to Black Ops Cold War this week. Two teams of three are provided blueprint melee weapons including the machete, Wakizashi, sledgehammer, E-Tool, and the regular knife. Players also get a tomahawk and the Gung Ho perk for each loadout.

The Prop Hunt mode will be removed from the featured playlist rotation. However, Treyarch said Prop Hunt, a fan-favorite mode where you play as a piece of the environment itself, will return with more props and maps in the future, including Miami Strike and Satellite.

New Store Bundles

It wouldn't be a weekly refresh without more store bundles, and this week packs a punch. The Super Charged reactive bundle launches on March 18. A racing-themed bundle, it comes with the Racer 01 SMG, the Racer 2 assault rifle, and the Spinner charm. Players also get the Epic-level Skkkkkkkrrrrttttt emblem.

Now THAT is a weapon
Now THAT is a weapon

After that, Activision will release the NecroKing Mastercraft bundle on March 21. It includes the Ice Drake Mastercraft AR and the Cold Spear M60. The eight-item bundle also comes with the Dragon Claw charm, the Frozen Waste calling card, and four additional items such as the Dead Sled vehicle skin, the Necro King sticker, the Necromancer watch, and the Climatic vehicle horn.

That's all Activision had to share for this week, but with Zombies spreading across Verdansk, we might get more details on the rumored Nuke event soon. Keep checking back for more.

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