Call Of Duty: Black Ops 4 Needs A 50 GB Day One Update

Ready to play Call of Duty? Not so fast.

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Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 is going to take a healthy chunk of hard drive space when it installs from the disc, but you'll need to keep some space open for the day-one patch as well. Depending on your console of choice, you should have as much as 112 GB of free space to complete the installation.

According to Activision's support page, the day-one update has a download size of 50 GB, and when it's all done the game will leave a 55 GB footprint on your PlayStation 4 or Xbox One. On PlayStation 4 you'll need to have more room set aside, though, as it states that for an "optimized download experience" you'll want 112 GB of free hard drive space. This is just the size needed to complete the installation, though, and once the process is complete it will go back down to the 55 GB requirement.

The update seems to be adding necessary components for the multiplayer modes, including Zombies, Specialist Headquarters, and the new Battle Royale mode Blackout. The notes mention that Blackout will be playable once the installation reaches around 30% on both consoles. On PlayStation 4, make sure you select "Update to Latest Version" when the prompt appears to be able to access Blackout during the installation.

Each of those notes goes for the disc-based copies that require a separate day-one install. If you buy it digitally, that copy will be 55 GB in itself, without any additional patch required. Check out our pre-order guide for more details.

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And a full day.

Avatar image for wtf_666

And people were bashing RDR2's install size recently.... it's a sign of the times....many new games will be HUUUUUGE on PS4 and xb0ne. Get over it.

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Star Citizen will be finished any day now!

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I still wanted this for Steam...

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And people were freaking out about RDR 2, this doesnt even have a single player campaign!

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Basically everything on the disc is pure garbage they cba fixing considering the 40GB on disc gets deleted after the 50GB update.

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Leave it to Call of Duty to pull some dumb **** like this. The folks behind the game are so dead set on the game ABSOLUTELY releasing in a yearly cycle that they rush the hell out of every single game and just release what they couldn't finish in time through an enormous "update" later on. What would be so bad about making Call of Duty to a 2 year cycle or longer? You saw how that worked for Assassin's Creed. Much stronger!

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@jayskoon93: COD games are on a three year cycle

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@superklyph: Per developer, that's true, but I mean release cycle like since we get Black Ops 4 in 2018, there shouldn't be another Call of Duty game until 2021.

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Activision be like: why not sell an empty disk and let people download the game?

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@ahsanh: Tony Hawk 5

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55 gb installed

50 gb download patch . wtf is the physical version

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Was definitely better to buy this digitally, 55gb already downloaded and ready to play on release.

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Because Sony's storage solution is a stupid broken mess. Just ridiculous.