Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 Release Date, Beta Details Leaked

Black Ops III to be the first Call of Duty since World at War to have a public beta.


[UPDATE] Many more Black Ops III details have leaked, covering the game's campaign, multiplayer, and Zombies modes. Get all the details here.

The original story is below.

Call of Duty: Black Ops III will launch on November 6 and everyone who preorders--at least at retail giant GameStop--will receive access to a beta for Treyarch's new biohacking-themed shooter. That's according to leaked GameStop promotional material posted on NeoGAF Friday afternoon.

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The fine print states that the Black Ops III beta will be held on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC; last-generation consoles were not mentioned.

Activision has yet to formally confirm platforms for Black Ops III, but the Call of Duty website's own source code previously revealed Xbox One, PS4, and PC as the game's platforms. Intriguingly, the Call of Duty website now lets you sign in with your Nintendo account, but Activision won't say if Black Ops III is coming to Wii U.

The GameStop promotional material also points out, "Actual platform availability and launch date(s) to be determined." A November 6 release date for Black Ops III makes a lot of sense, considering it's early in November, which is when Activision has released new Call of Duty games for years now.

Separately, a source told Kotaku that the leaked material pictured in this post will be distributed at GameStop stores this coming Sunday, April 26. That's the same day that Activision plans to formally unveil Black Ops III by way of an official reveal trailer.

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Activision has not held a beta for any Call of Duty game (outside of China's free-to-play Call of Duty Online) since 2008's Call of Duty: World of War.

Earlier this week, Activision released a new live-action trailer for Black Ops III that touted the game's focus on biohacking. Deus Ex developer Eidos Montreal responded to this video by sending funny cat pictures to Activision.

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