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Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 Has Titanfall-Style Wall Running, "Specialist" Characters

Treyarch has made some big changes to multiplayer.


Developer Treyarch has officially revealed some major details about Call of Duty: Black Ops III today, including that its multiplayer mode will have Titanfall-style wall running, and "Specialist" characters that have unique weapons and abilities.

Wall running will work much like it does Titanfall. You need to approach at an angle to get your wall run going, and leaping between walls resets your energy meter, which you can also use to powerslide and thrust jump high in the air.

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Another completely new addition to how you get around in Call of Duty multiplayer is swimming. There are water areas on certain maps, and you can dive in with your gun pointed ahead and working at all times.

Perhaps the biggest addition to multiplayer are the nine Specialist characters, each of which can bring either a special ability or weapon into a match. So far, we've seen four Specialists:

  • Ruin -- A fearless infantry soldier with a "gravity spikes" weapon that creates an area of effect attack, and the "Overdrive" ability, which gives him a burst of speed.
  • Seraph -- A member of a crime syndicate with the "Annihilator" weapon, a high-caliber revolver, and the Combat Focus ability, which triggers a bonus multiplier towards Scorestreaks.
  • Outrider -- She has a compound bow called "Sparrow" and a "Vision Pulse" ability that pings the surrounding area and tags the location of all enemies.
  • Reaper -- An experimental War Robot with a "Scythe," an arm that transforms into a mini-gun, and the "Glitch" ability, which allows it to flashback to a previous position.

So far we've seen three multiplayer maps:

  • Combine: A vertical farming and sustainability research facility in the remote Egyptian Sahara.
  • Hunted: A big game hunting lodge situated beneath a waterfall in the lush mountains of Ethiopia.
  • Stronghold: A high-tech Swiss chateau in the frozen, mountainous Alps.

Treyarch also revealed Gunsmith, an all-new weapon customization system that will let you add up to five attachments to a weapon and create and apply custom paint jobs.

As was revealed last week via leaked marketing materials, Black Ops III's campaign will support four-player co-op, and Treyarch will return to the Zombies mode it introduced to the series in Call of Duty: World at War, though it didn't have more details to share about that just yet.

Black Ops III is being developed for next-gen consoles and PC and is set for a November 6, 2015 release date.

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