Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 GameStop Pre-Order Bonuses Revealed

GameStop offering beta access, as well as a rad-looking two-sided poster.


Call of Duty: Black Ops 3

Following Activision's official announcement of Call of Duty: Black Ops III on Sunday, video game retailer GameStop today announced the the bonuses players can receive for pre-ordering with them.

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First, everyone who pre-orders will gain entry to the Black Ops III multiplayer beta, which will be held on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC. More details about the beta, like when it will start, will be announced later.

You don't have to pre-order at GameStop to gain entry to the beta, however, as this bonus is available at other retailers, too.

But GameStop does have an exclusive pre-order bonus for Black Ops III. Anyone who pre-orders with them will receive the two-sided poster you see embedded in this post. One side shows a super-soldier in the trademark Black Ops pose, while the other depicts a man with the phrase "Only The Cursed Survive" printed on top.

The Black Ops III release date is November 6 for Xbox One, PS4, and PC. The game aims to push the Call of Duty series forward by way of its new movement mechanics and futuristic tech powers. The game also features a four-player co-op campaign and sees the popular Zombies mode return.

For lots more on Black Ops III, check out GameSpot's in-depth hands-on preview from our visit to Treyarch's office in Santa Monica recently. You can also see some images in the gallery below.

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Avatar image for wifininja

I know it's getting a lot of hate because of the yearly releases, but this process exists because players voted with their wallets. Sure, people complained (and are complaining), but it seems like more people would rather buy the next one than not.

As for myself, I haven't played a COD since Black Ops 1. I'm kinda interested.

But I'm not preordering. ;-p

Avatar image for altejames

Black Ops 3 will only be fore the next GEN consoles. At least for the preorder it is only for next GEN.

Avatar image for olyolyoxenfree

I bought Advance Warfare on its release date and less than a year later they announce another CoD that's identical minus Sledgehammer.

Avatar image for karloss01

@olyolyoxenfree: only just noticed? it's been happening since 2007.

Avatar image for TristanPR77

Does this game uses dedicated servers or lag Compensation?

Not buying if it is Lag Compensation

Avatar image for i5204

@TristanPR77: I guarantee the devs will mention dedicated servers in the lead up to launch, but 3 months after say they are hybrid P2P/dedicated servers. Been happening for years.

Avatar image for chrisrock

I got a stupid wristband and now i see that people are getting posters? WTF? And yes, I did pre-order at gamestop

Avatar image for RicanV

This will be the first COD i wait to buy when it's heavily discounted and has all DLC included.

Edit: Huge fan of the franchise. I started out buying collectors edition then limited then regular. As COD declined in basic things like accuracy and spawning my purchasing did also. It's a shame they already made their money and nothing will change since they're going to continue making their money.

Avatar image for deathbybushido

**** pre-orders this early, and **** this game, for being futurisitc shit.

The annual cash grab has began.

This game is not even worth putting on my radar.

Avatar image for Bleak5170

Wait.....this game is being released on a Friday? I had originally heard November 16th which is a Tuesday, but it's also too late in the month for a COD game. If it really is the 6th that's awesome.

Avatar image for thecman25

@Bleak5170: i was shocked too but hey better for me

Avatar image for OldKye

@Bleak5170: It's actually the 12th, if you don't include the 10 secondary and handheld games.

Avatar image for Tech-head


Yeah... Star Wars comes out then (Nov 17th, which is actually Tuesday)... so...

Avatar image for OldKye

Who could forget a Call of Duty game, why I remember the exact day... well year.... at the very least I could look it up on Wikipedia that I bought Call of Duty... ops... 4... robots yeah pretty sure it had robots or some kind of aerial drone.

Well I remember running around and shooting people that really defines Call of Duty right there, running around shooting things, yup good times.....

Avatar image for sharpshooter188

Lol pre order? Sorry. Prove your game is worth purchasing. We have all been taken in by the pre order bs. We know better now.

Avatar image for Tech-head


Comment makes little sense, and is obvious you don't understand preordering process. Especially in this case...

Avatar image for svaubel

Yay for paid betas.

Avatar image for Whitescarver

I'll drop five bucks on a pre-order to get the beta. They better have a classic playlist in the final game if they want me to stay though. While the new movement is much slower than Exo suits, it's still annoying. If I want to play with Halo jumpers I'll just play Halo 5.

Avatar image for ubisoftno1fan

I'll wait until it comes out to decide if i'm gonna buy it or not, there's no way i'm preordering.

Avatar image for Tech-head


Another one...

Avatar image for ToxikPulse

@ubisoftno1fan: You can always cancel your pre-order at GameStop anytime and transfer the $5 to another game.

Avatar image for daniel79

Oh, 'wow'

Thats Awsome..

Avatar image for StonerDemon

You guys know what a beta testing is made for, huh? To find and eliminate bugs. Companies are supposed to PAY people to do that, but somehow now these companies have found a way to make people pay to debug the games for them!!! Some people like to call this "pre-order bonus"... yeah, sure...

Avatar image for Tech-head


You don't have to pay anything...

Avatar image for Pelican170

@Tech-head@StonerDemon: You do if you want the game...

Avatar image for spartanx169x

@StonerDemon: I will gladly do it for free if it helps me determine of I want the game or not.

Avatar image for skippert

Not a COD fan but at least everyone in the world is 100% sure that this game is actually going to get released ahahaha

Avatar image for StonerDemon

The yearly COD hype machine is rolling again. Time to take those pain killers...

Avatar image for RogerioFM

@StonerDemon: I don't understand how can someone still get hyped about anygame let alone Call of Duty, maybe I"m just getting old and grumpy.

Avatar image for Pelican170

@RogerioFM@StonerDemon: I hear ya, games in general are just horrible. What happened to the good old games of the past... creativity is lost..

Avatar image for StHapns247

Don't pre-order games.

Avatar image for RogerioFM

People b!tching about pre-orders in 3..2 ... oh, never mind people already started.

Avatar image for DarkJedi8_basic

Rather get the $10 back in RewardZone bucks and save 20% with GCU at Best Buy.

Avatar image for Shantmaster_K

I'll have it pre-ordered anyway, but not much for bonuses this year.

Avatar image for BabeNewelll

Why pre-order ? is there going to be a shortage of copies at launch ? if so i can just get a digital copy ?

Avatar image for Tech-head


In this case, preorder may prevent you from actually purchasing a game you won't like.

Avatar image for deactivated-5b1fecf308e18


Didn't you hear? If you pay and pre-order you get to bug test their game for them

Avatar image for tarp_master

Pfft. Pre-order for CoD...and for a flimsy poster?

Avatar image for crusaderprophet


Avatar image for OldKye

I feel like they are eventually just going to start releasing a new Call of Duty every week, it will still be full price and all but just have a new one for you every week.

Honestly already feels that way they are starting to blur together and all look the same to me.

Avatar image for mnkpro1

@OldKye: So what? We don't have to keep buying them. I have AW from last year, but I continue to play MW2 from like 6 years ago more than AW. On-line lobby is still full every time I get on.

Avatar image for OldKye

@mnkpro1@OldKye: You act like I'm buying them all lol, that said it doesn't really change my point there are almost as many Call of Duty games as there are Zombie survival games.... it's so over saturated that I don't even want to play the 3-4 or whatever I own.(The fact I can't even recall which ones I do off hand speaks volumes...)

Avatar image for tomahawk08

The pre-order bonuses also include a Black Opps bu++plug for those that still play this franchise, because they apparently love being fked in the a$$ repeatedly.

Avatar image for etremelegendary


A bu++plug is like being fked in the a$$ one good time though.

Avatar image for tomahawk08

@etremelegendary@tomahawk08: Not true, bu++plugs can be used multiple times.

You just aren't doing it right.

Avatar image for hwoarang5

@tomahawk08: LOL or KIDS ... since 90% of the player for cod are kids these days..