Call of Duty and Destiny Servers Downed Again by Hacker Group

Lizard Squad interrupts online play over the weekend after claiming it would rile gamers.

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A hacker group has disrupted the online functionality of two Activision games for a second time in September.

The online group, Lizard Squad, also claims to have downed servers for certain EA games, though it didn't specify which.

It appears that North American servers of Destiny and Call of Duty: Ghosts were the most affected, with the problem prompting developer Bungie to issue a notice to fans.

The Twitter account for Bungie's support team wrote: "We're aware of connection issues affecting portions of the Destiny player base and we're working to correct the problem. Please stay tuned."

However, at the time of going to press, the message had been deleted. Activision previously declined to comment on the attacks when approached for comment by GameSpot.

Hacker groups tend to use a distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attack to take down game servers. It works by flooding a system with an overwhelming number of requests, thereby crashing the servers.

Lizard Squad has not explained reasons for its attack, though days before it wrote on Twitter: " We're predicting a lot of mad gamers this weekend".

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Avatar image for barrica

Its funny lol

Avatar image for TheExxorcist


The End

Avatar image for thermalmotion

Interrupting online play is uncool :( Unless it's for Activision games, specifically these two- in which case GOOD JOB LIZARD :)

Avatar image for prince__vlad

hahahaha ! I hope they are doing that because they hate as much as I the MP shit and consoles. ;)

Avatar image for nesky

Good job Lizard!

Avatar image for flashn00b

Are these DDOSes a vain attempt to get Bungie to port the game to PC?

If this is the case, they're much better off approaching Gabe Newell about bribing Bungie.

Avatar image for thermalmotion

<< LINK REMOVED >> I hope they don't bring this to PC, we don't need it.

Avatar image for Relvar

Too late Lizard Squad. Everyone already quit playing Destiny long ago....

Avatar image for DesertEaglex24

I don't play those trash games anyway so this doesn't affect me. I'm too busy better games like shadow of mordor.

Avatar image for Fursnake

How about they do something worthwhile for a change and hack an evil government institution of Monsanto or something other than the entertainment medium.

Avatar image for medafaded

<< LINK REMOVED >> I posted that on yahoo once, and Yahoo deleted my comment lol! Thats what I say.

Avatar image for amdreallyfast

Not cool, Lizard Squad, not cool. It seems you did it for the lulz, but it was not cool.

Avatar image for Coren_Larken

<< LINK REMOVED >> Some of us are decent people. Who just want to sit down and play games on the weekend, as it's the only time we are able to play. It's really a bummer when they wreck that stuff for us.

Avatar image for medafaded

<< LINK REMOVED >><< LINK REMOVED >> are they against the gamers? or against Massive online play? Obviously this will never stop the gamer because I can just stop playing online, and play a solo player game. so it must be against these big wig companies.

Avatar image for Vodoo

If people are gonna do something like this, they should have a purpose or demand change. For example... They should issue a statement to Bungie & Activision that attacks will continue until they release all of the campaign/story missions that they deliberately held back, making the retail game much worse than originally promised to the community.

But these very talented hackers do these things for no reason whatsoever, except to annoy and frustrate gamers.

If you hackers need a cause, I'm available for management purposes.

Avatar image for blueboxdoctor

Really, don't these people have better, perhaps, productive things to do with their time. I'm not saying playing video games is the pinnacle of production, but what's the point in taking down a server or hacking into Sony or Microsoft? They really get nothing from it other than causing a nuisance for everyone else. Sure, you may not like Destiny or COD, but oh, I don't know, you can play another game and let everyone else get on with the games they like.

Avatar image for medafaded

<< LINK REMOVED >> last time they posted something, they stated they were a group with nothing better to do. They say they take the servers down for the gamers, but it seem to be against us as well. I haven't played COD, or Destiny yet, and it doesn't affect me playing wise, but personally they are attacking gamers.

Avatar image for eze_sl89

<< LINK REMOVED >> Some people find certain joy in bringing headhache to others. Sometimes, it can be gratifying. Being able to beat such stupid monopolic corporations to its feet, just by joining forces with others for the same goal. Its not as simple as making a DOS , any lammer can do that.

Not only the being in the gamespot page is something to be proud of, but you can learn a thing or two while doing it.

I think bringing servers down is much more productive than laying like a lazy $$$$ on a sofa, eating potato chips and playing a generic FPS with craapy DLC.

Avatar image for b1ank

Wouldn't be a problem if there was an online mode..

Avatar image for naniteleader

<< LINK REMOVED >> You mean offline ID10T

Avatar image for ad1x2

Things like this make me wish Bungie didn't force online-only gameplay on Destiny. All I wanted to do last night was so some leveling up after I got back from work. I would hate to see what would happen to Destiny and any other online-only games if PSN gets taken down for a month again like before...

Avatar image for BattleStarX

*sigh* It's starting to reach the "sad" levels now. What's next? A DDoS on Maple Story?

Avatar image for straightcur


Avatar image for Tribesmaster

Seems to be a regular thing now days.

Avatar image for penkowalski

Just shut down the COD servers and reallocate them to Destiny. COD is crap anyways.

Avatar image for himoura32

I felt like I was getting ddos'd on titanfall this weekend. Why do they do this? I mean why go after gamers and companies that make games of all things? Never made sense to me at all. You don't get props cuz it's not rocket science and your pissing off the very people you are trying to impresses.

Avatar image for medafaded

<< LINK REMOVED >> Right! Why would you mess overs someone weekend, or freetime? Take down my job, or bank, and fill up my wallet. Do something impressive.

Avatar image for Popaul87

The Raging is Real!

Avatar image for Flamewolf75

The professional DDOS'ers are back, huh? I wonder if they'll teach anyone how to google this time around.

Avatar image for Ghosthunter54

Wow, these guys are soooo cool. Grow up.

Avatar image for SweetPandaLove

Can anyone who thinks hackers are "leet" explain why griefing gamers is fun?

Avatar image for Millard11

Some people just like to watch the world burn.

Avatar image for Vodoo

Well said Alfred, now bring around the Bat-Mobile

Avatar image for Shantmaster_K

Yep... so mad.

Avatar image for jsmoke03

and why is this even necessary? are they trying to teach the gaming industry a lesson?

Avatar image for KamuiFei

They should ply those kinds of talents to hack the Destiny servers directly and distribute the codes for all future content that should've been in the game to begin with.

Avatar image for Ghosthunter54

<< LINK REMOVED >> Now that actually would be cool. GS headline: "Bungie plan to bleed customers dry with DLC foiled by hacker group that unlocks all stripped content for free."

Avatar image for MuffintopX

This happened Sunday night at like 11:30 PM east. They basically just reminded me that I needed to go to bed.

Avatar image for medafaded

<< LINK REMOVED >> Yea the other time was at 4:00 AM and my dragon age 2 server went down, who cared? But it was a good point to go to bed.

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Virgin Squad on yah' forehead!

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Always online FTW!

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"We're a group of amateur hackers!!!". -Translation- Guess how many neck-beard virgins can fit in one room!

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these virgins still at it again.

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Hackers, now just a bag of dicks.