Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Preorder Bonuses

If you're thinking about picking up the next Call of Duty game for Xbox, PlayStation, or PC, we lay out exactly what kind of early access you'll get.


With a near-future take on military combat, Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare is the latest in the long-running COD shooter franchise. This year's entry is in development by Sledgehammer games, and to get you in on the game early, the company has put together a wide range of pre-order incentives.

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Eschewing the normal trend of retailer-specific offers, the bulk of the game's exclusive content will be available to everyone:

  • Advanced Arsenal -- This pre-order pack consists of two cosmetic items: items the Bullet-Brass exoskeleton and the Bullet-Brass EM1 Quantum
  • Day Zero Edition -- Everyone who pre-orders the game gets the Day Zero edition which includes: Access to the game 24 hours early on November 3, Two bonus weapons (AK-12G Assault Rifle and the Crossbow-B2), and double XP on November 3

But that doesn't mean that some stores aren't also trying to entice you in. Here are the current store-specific pre-order bonuses:

Outside of the pre-order bonuses, there's also:

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And you don't want to forget that the game also has an ongoing cross-buy promotion. Until March 31, if you buy Advanced Warfare digitally on Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3, you'll be able to get a copy of of the next-gen version for free. Multiplayer stats and gear, as well as downloadable content you've purchased, including the season pass, will carry over.

The final point to think about if you're considering purchasing Advanced Warfare is how quickly you want access to the game's downloadable content. As has been the case since Black Ops in 2010, Xbox owners will have first crack at Advanced Warfare's DLC, but it will still make its way to other platforms.

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I found this link on internet. I buy it with 30%OFF with many bonus. it give me the discount for cod advanced warfare cd key global. 50% OFF << LINK REMOVED >>

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My advanced arsenal and day zero digital content code isn't working. Looks like many others have problems with redeeming codes and downloadable content. Just something everyone should be aware of before they purchase this game.

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do you need the season pass and what is it for

Avatar image for dani_i89

Why is that pre-order 'bonuses' are basically now restricted to content cut from the full game? Why do we have to pre-order and spend on the ltd edition in order to get the game in it's entirety?

Why can't we just get cool collectors gear that's, you know, for COLLECTORS, and gives you the same game that someone who couldn't afford the collectors edition would have bought?

The only company doing this right is CDPR. There are no bonus downloads or extra content. Just really cool items for the fans.

Gaming really sucks now. Thanks, Activision.

Avatar image for Hurvl

Quite a small number of options for such a big and marketing/hype crazy game. Ubisoft are still the kings of preorder/add-on material, since you need a goddamn Excel spreadsheet to include everything.

Avatar image for gamer247

The new call of duty reminds me of a improved bo2 with next generation graphics although it's a lastgen game also I can't wait to play the game when it comes out

Avatar image for clarens56

I thought pre ordering the games gets you a map

Avatar image for lolppl890

Also for SoCal if u preorder at gamestop u get a ticket to an event called invasion at six flags magic mountain

Avatar image for JoSilver

I think that pre-order incentives are ruining games for that matter any sort of reward for buying game X with thing X.

For instance I remember I buying Deadspace 1 and 2 on Steam while they were on sale, and Deadspace two had all this extra suit non-sense, Being new to the game I didn't know what any of it meant... I want to play the game the way it was meant to be played no the way they rewards me something stupid!

A game should be worth pre-ordering on it's own, real world stuff is fine like a special key chain or something but things that change the game somehow... that really annoys me.

Avatar image for Banyek

TBH because of these things I feel like those people who pirate games have a point, this whole idea of privileged gamers because of preorder, and different type of versions based on bonuses, and getting gold before release is just wrong... not to mention day1 updates, that are needed by almost every title these days, and day1 dlc-s. I do believe, that the reason arcade gaming got to the point where it is now, compared to AAA titles, is becouse people started to be fed up with this system, and found it way easier to move on to a more simple side of gaming . Altough maybe Im wrong...

Avatar image for dani_i89

@Banyek One could also say that all of this exists due to pirating, meaning we have ourselves to blame. Who knows...

Avatar image for grin89

am i the only one who thinks they're going back to the old ways of cod and bringing back bunny hopping like in the first cod? good times.

Avatar image for sandra_carol17

I want each and every accessory, inventory and weapon to be open by my own.

Avatar image for sandra_carol17

I dont want goodies.So, no pre-order going to happen here.

Avatar image for jabardas

You guys need to calm down , when i see people yelling at cod games saying only kids play this games or its over rated i laugh but at same time as a player it worries me. im not a kid but i have brothers and we have a lot of fun playing the game , isnt for this that games are made ? i see games like falling skies or fast and furios coming every year , games that we has players should complain about and ask why are so bad games coming and when i say bad games i really mean bad games not a game i dont like and because of that i make it look bad. last year i bought battlefield and cod ghosts i still play ghosts with my brothers while im sick of battlefoield because of its problems and this is what should worry gamers since we pay so much for a game

Avatar image for cboye18

When I see how much content Nintendo brings with their games and DLC, this just looks like a blatant ripoff.

Avatar image for futureops

A series which went nuts is going to make a comeback? No way losers. Your failures has been foresaw.

Avatar image for Techtroll

Why was this article ran twice?

Avatar image for Karmazyn

<< LINK REMOVED >> gamespot was paid twice lol

Avatar image for drysprocket

<< LINK REMOVED >><< LINK REMOVED >> I have to agree...the advertising with this game on here is getting pretty gross; specifically the preview articles that are made by Activision.

But with that said, I trust Kevin to give an honest review at the end of the day.

Avatar image for ecurl143

Gotta agree with the majority here.

If the latest launch hype for games is anything to go by, I'd hang well back on this one. Absolutely no reason to pre-order anything these days.

Avatar image for dani_i89

<< LINK REMOVED >> Unless it's the Witcher 3

Avatar image for ecurl143

<< LINK REMOVED >> Well, I think it applies to everything these days to be honest.

Avatar image for stevenlive1993

Even though I pre ordered the game I have to agree with you on this one. The game literally has two release dates. The 3rd aka day zero for pre orders and the official date which is the 4th. I am assuming that even if someone didn't pre order the game they can get it on the fourth.

Avatar image for drysprocket

Don't do it know better. If it reviews well, I'll be the first in line on day 2. But pre-ordering must stop.

Avatar image for shiel44

CoD (pc)>WaW>CoD2>BO>MW>BO2>>>>>>every other CoD! I put MW2, MW3 and Ghosts on the same level, they are total garbage!

Avatar image for Rhys4Peace

I've seen tonnes of comments complaining about the community in CoD. Now, having not played a CoD on console since MW1, is the community really that bad? 'Cause on PC, everyone seems to either have no mic, or are genuinely good guys/gals.

Avatar image for kenundrum7

@Rhys4Peace I like the no mic thing. I generally do not want to hear people when I am playing. I usually turn them off if I can hear them. One version of this game had it so all mics off was an option. I liked that.

Avatar image for tushwacker

<< LINK REMOVED >> On Xbox360, the community as a whole probably wasn't that bad, but it seems the only people who would bother plugging in mics were either in party chat (so the rest of server couldn't hear them), or they were deliberately being obnoxious on the mic. As soon as CoD got so big with Youtubers and MLG, people started taking the game far more seriously. The good side of this is that the competition is stiffer now and you generally have more competent teammates/ fewer complete noobs playing. The bad news is that the player base is significantly smaller now than it was in the good ol' Black Ops 1 days.

Avatar image for leviathanwing

<< LINK REMOVED >> with the added benefit of not needing to reload and having full surface penetration on everything.... yippee yay yay

Avatar image for GinsuVictim

The personalization pack from Gamestop is no longer offered.

Avatar image for rjh_24

<< LINK REMOVED >> thats weird

Avatar image for GinsuVictim

<< LINK REMOVED >> I contacted Gamestop (store, then customer service) a month ago about it when I didn't get it with my pre-order. They said that promotion had ended months ago.

Avatar image for BigBadBully

Well def. Smart marketing with the day zero addition. I bet next year we'll see activision access for 30 bucks a year and play the next cod a week early.

Avatar image for oldtobie

Another "Buy it early so you don't know how shitty it is until you already own it" game. I guess if the past 5 or 6 Call of Duty titles haven't given you a hint about this game's quality, you might still be thinking about getting it, but not me.

Avatar image for TheExxorcist

Agree... last good COD game was BO2 in my opinion

Avatar image for GinsuVictim

<< LINK REMOVED >> Considering the excellent quality of the "past 5 or 6 Call of Duty titles" has been pretty damn good, I had no problem paying in full months ago. 10 days to go!

Avatar image for kobyjordan7


Avatar image for xhawk27


PS4 better not even try this at 1080p then since its only 28% more powerful than the XOne.

Avatar image for TheExxorcist

Um... what?

Avatar image for rjh_24

<< LINK REMOVED >> lol i like how you make all the xbox fanboys mad and cry trying to defend the x1 but come on man make new creative comments but still keep it up i love watching how emotional they get

Avatar image for Adam802

<< LINK REMOVED >> better than ps4