Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Features Remake of Call of Duty 4 Map "Pipeline"

The Atlas Gorge map is a reimagining of classic map, updated for special exoskeleton abilities.

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Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare represents the future of the series, but that isn't keeping developer Sledgehammer Games from looking to its past for inspiration. The game's Atlas Gorge multiplayer map, which is a bonus included with the various collector's editions of the game, is actually a remake of the Pipeline map from Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare.

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Pipeline has been reimagined, Activision says, to support Advanced Warfare's many new gameplay features, chiefly, the exoskeleton abilities. Here is how Activision sets up the Gorge map.

"The Atlas Corporation has commandeered the world's largest power source, the Three Gorges Dam in central China, creating a gripping setting for a multiplayer battle. Combatants will navigate the shadows and control a map-based turret scorestreak that overlooks the dam and helps to keep enemies at bay, all while leveraging new abilities and tactics enabled by exoskeleton technology, such as vertical combat, new sightlines, and strategic vantage points."

I remember the Pipeline map from Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare vividly. With its mix of open spaces for sniping and close-quarters interiors, it was one of my favorite maps, and one I no doubt spent hours and hours on back in 2007.

Activision has yet to release images or videos for the new Atlas Gorge map (beyond the logo above), so it remains to be seen how Pipeline has been updated for Advanced Warfare. The game launches November 4 for Xbox 360, Xbox One, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, and PC.

Call of Duty fans interested in learning about the advancements made to the multiplayer formula for Advanced Warfare don't have much longer to wait. As revealed in yesterday's new story trailer, the first details on Advanced Warfare's multiplayer mode will be revealed on August 11 at 10 a.m. PDT.

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Avatar image for kye-mc

Just remake MW2 without the hackers and there you go, the greatest call of duty game, the most fun call of duty game, quickscoping, all maps amazing.

Avatar image for zrex2metagor

Only reason I play CoD is for the single player, only reason I play Battlefield is for the multiplayer.

Avatar image for rolla020980

B Ops was the last good COD. Maybe it was the weapons. I hate not having real weapons. I know what an AK and an M16 are, but what is a honey badger... other than an animal that don't take no s**t of course...

Avatar image for Tuckpoint

CoD reusing maps?! Who would have thought? I mean, I personally am very glad to be informed of this, I would have never ever EVER expected to see the same maps used again. Not like they've done this in the past.

Yea, that was sarcasm, is this news worthy of an article at all?

Avatar image for evoloner

If they want players to play old maps, they should make a remasted COD 4! I would buy it!


Avatar image for mymomma69

i agree, cod 4 would be awesome in hd

Avatar image for iiRickk

<< LINK REMOVED >> I would prefer MW2

Avatar image for litodlc

I'd be more than satisfied if they just made a remastered/Next Gen version of COD4. No add on's, just leave it the way it was. That game was the best COD ever made and every other COD that came after it was just trying to top it when it couldn't .

Avatar image for Trickymaster

Which map was Pipeline again? The game was that forgettable.

Avatar image for chargers705

<< LINK REMOVED >> What?! That was arguably the greatest FPS ever made..

Avatar image for lewisholyland

<< LINK REMOVED >><< LINK REMOVED >> Very true chargers, that game was just perfect

Avatar image for jnw93

If Cod want to get old fans back they should put old maps from previous games on advanced warfare for free DLC

or dirt cheap

Avatar image for thechuck11

Campaign actually looks good for once, will have to watch

Avatar image for Aelfredus

They should remake Bloc:


Avatar image for CraZkid37

I love when they add re-mastered classic favorite maps from older games. Wish they would continue to do this more regularly instead of just one or two here and there. As for the MP preview on 8/11... I swear, if they don't change things up they are going to lose even more players than they already have. This is their chance as the new face of CoD to make something different than the other two makers.

Avatar image for Printul_Noptii

I love that map :D will not pre-order it but if game turns out good I am all in on the PC at least :D

Avatar image for pidow

So far, different, need to see more for sure. I've pre-ordered, hope it was worth it!.

Avatar image for gcodegamer

Looks fresh and new, can't wait to play it

Avatar image for MrJskilet

Say what you will about Call of Duty. But Sledgehammer's game actually looks promising unlike past Call of Duty's. Most of you are hating on it just because of the name "Call of Duty" but i bet you anything if they dropped the name and you guys never knew it was a COD game and instead called Advanced Warfare a lot of you guys would be praising it. I won't say it is a good or bad game until i have seen multiplayer gameplay and have given it a try myself.

Avatar image for playniko69

<< LINK REMOVED >> gullible

Avatar image for unreal849

<< LINK REMOVED >> Given that people accuse games like Killzone and Far Cry 3 of being COD clones, I doubt that this would fare much better.

Avatar image for dannydopamine8

didnt activision say call of duty ghosts was using a new engine? Isn't it illegal to just flat out lie like that?

Avatar image for mymomma69

they lied about about every feature in the whole game

Avatar image for illage2

<< LINK REMOVED >> They boasted about COD Ghost's graphics, which to be honest were no different to the previous title.

Avatar image for CraZkid37

<< LINK REMOVED >> They did have a new engine...

Avatar image for snyperdons

And you know they are your so sure...prove it,I doubt very seriously that a company lthat makes cod...would lie about it,there would be serious problems.

Avatar image for zerooo0

<< LINK REMOVED >> Sony lies, MS lies, Nintendo lies, and nearly all developers lie all the time. What are they lying about this time?

Avatar image for Pupchu

<< LINK REMOVED >><< LINK REMOVED >> they are lying about lies

Avatar image for snyperdons

I bet they learned from Sony...they are the best

Avatar image for Pupchu

i dont remember pipeline at all. there was however a airport level in MW2, wich is my fave in the series. since then, none of the maps in this franchise has made any impact on me whatsoever.

Avatar image for strigon04

<< LINK REMOVED >> pipeline is COD 4 MW the last good COD that why the keep re-using those maps.

Avatar image for logangta5

<< LINK REMOVED >><< LINK REMOVED >> Totally agree with you. It was the last good COD

Avatar image for nl_skipper

<< LINK REMOVED >> I wouldn't say it was the last good CoD, but it was definitely the last one that actually revitalized the formula.

Avatar image for Pupchu

<< LINK REMOVED >><< LINK REMOVED >> got any pic of this map? need to refresh my memory

Avatar image for themc_7

<< LINK REMOVED >><< LINK REMOVED >><< LINK REMOVED >> just google it. There's tons of gameplay footage on there

Avatar image for strigon04

Why wont they let COD Die. Although It does keep most mindless players out of multiplayers that require some amount of skill like battlefield.

Avatar image for snyperdons

Are you serious?it takes a lot of skill to spawn on your teammates who are all camping at the top of a building!you live in an imaginary world,I know a lot of people fed up with battle fail...look at all the bugs still in Battle fail,that's y they pushed it till next year....junk

Avatar image for brewskimi

<< LINK REMOVED >> Hmmm ummm....who would let a $1,000,000,000 franchise die?

Avatar image for roler42

<< LINK REMOVED >> You just answered your own question

Avatar image for Michformer

<< LINK REMOVED >> Quake and UT. Now those are multiplayer games that require skill!

Avatar image for Thanatos2k

But I thought it was an entirely new experience? Oh right, it never is.

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