Call of Duty 3 patched up

Activision's WWII shooter gets fixes to multiplayer via auto-update on Xbox Live; some gameplay enhancements also added.



That was the cry of gamers after being sidelined by some issues found in the multiplayer portion of Call of Duty 3. COD3's developer, Treyarch, has heard the call and has made available a patch for the World War II first-person shooter.

The auto-update is now available over Xbox Live and addresses problems relating to both ranked and player matches in Call of Duty 3's online component. The development team says that the greatest improvement in gameplay comes with searching for and joining multiplayer sessions. Ranked games allegedly come together much faster, and searches for player matches return many more results than before.

Other additions include basic improvements to gameplay, options, and the heads-up display. Among them are consistent brightness settings between single- and multiplayer, the ability to choose between playing as the Axis or Allies in ranked games, and consistent amounts of players per team in rotating-map games. More details on the patch are available on the game's forums at

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