Call of Duty 2 Sees Huge Frame Rate Improvements on Xbox One, Analysis Says

The Call of Duty game recently became backwards compatible with the Xbox One and reaped the benefits.


Call of Duty 2 was recently added to the Xbox One backwards compatibility program, and now tech outlet Digital Foundry has analyzed the last-gen game and discovered that its performance is greatly improved on the current-gen console.

The Xbox 360 version of Call of Duty 2 featured frequent lurching stutters, despite its 60 FPS target ouput. Digital Foundry says it has a 16.7m render budget per frame, but it fails to hit that target consistently, which causes the game to run at 30 FPS for a moment before returning to the intended frame rate. The tech outlet found that running the game on Xbox One almost completely eliminated these dips. See for yourself in the video below.

Digital Foundry said that there is the odd drop here and there, noting the opening campaign mission sees the frame rate drop when there are many enemies on screen. However, this is rare, as the Xbox One's superior GPU handles things like alpha-based effects with little to no issue.

Despite this increase in performance quality, it's worth adding that the game still runs at its native 720p resolution and features the same visuals as it did on the Xbox 360. Watching the above video shows that it's a much smoother experience, though. It's surprising how much trouble the Xbox 360 had with handling the early Call of Duty game.

Backwards compatibility isn't supposed to make the game look nicer and performance gains like this aren't commonplace. Another game that benefited from becoming backwards compatible on Xbox One was Red Dead Redemption. The open-world western game keeps a solid frame rate more often than it did on Xbox 360. Additionally, some screen-tearing that was present on the last-gen console doesn't appear on the Xbox One.

You can see the full list of Xbox One backwards-compatible games here.

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All the way up to the level of FPS the 360 should have had. Amazing.

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--i finally got back into red dead redemption's BC on xb1
--i had all achievements(on 360)
--all golden guns in multiplayer(over 400 hrs full prestige)
--and i got all that transferred
--and then
--the Multiplayer is a BUSTED PIECE OF SHIT
--i mean
--i am not even gonna list the problems
--RDR's MP is completely broken
--and not to mention PRETTY empty

--it just pisses me off
--rdr was my favorite game of 7th gen BY FAR
--i followed that game from the first email R* sent out about it
--knowing it would be great
--and then i played the SHIT out of it
--and i moved on(like is normal)
--over a half a decade later
--all these xb fanatics are all "WHERE RDR ON BC~THAT THE BEST EVERS"
--they drop it
--and it is completely broken
--ok here are some issues

--all of a sudden your horse wont come(NO MATTER WHAT)
--then if you join a posse with others
--you cant see them(you can see their dots on the mini map~3 people are right in front of you~and you cant see each other)
--you wanted this game SO BAD
--and now you dont even play the damn thing
--i had put the old girl to peace
--laid her sweet body to rest under the maple tree
--sang a song to jesus
--and moved on
--and now
--yall got me all excited about it(all 6000% increase in sales and other BS)
--and all she is is a dead corpse
--that i should have left in the casket

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@TheZeroPercent: To see your friends online you have to die and respawn. once you respawn your friends will be able to see you. It worked for me on 360 and still works on xb1. I see people on it everytime I play it online. Its fun to play from time to time.

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--first i never had ANY problems on 360
--sure early bugs that were patched out
--and a minor hiccup here and there
--i can assure you
--not only is NO ONE playing the online game
--it is completely broken

--we even tried just running the gang hideouts(a past time where i still have the hideouts memorized~years later)
--but the Ai wasnt even responding properly

--the online part is completely broken
--and i am pretty sure R* has ZERO plans to fix it
--because they sent out a news letter in 2012ish
--stating how they were can canceling ALL overseeing of the online portion of rdr

--trust me
--i wish i was wrong

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@TheZeroPercent: just a thought...ppl playing the single player story mode.

The MP was crap back then and is still crap now...i talk about pvp.

Coop mission were cool...that was the most popular MP mode

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--the gang matches shootouts
--were one of the best things to ever happen in MP PVP gaming ever
--those GUNS MAN!!! nothing like em in existnece(a realistic cowboy simulator)
--and the open world map
--then the posse systems
--where you could 'posse up and drag the posse' everywhere
--even gta5online shoulda done that

--back in it's day 2010-12
--RDR's online run smooth as warm butter
--there were a few hiccups here and there (that would get patched)
--it is fully broken on BC

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@TheZeroPercent: Either you havent played it on xb1 or never at all. It may still be broken by your standards but it runs better now.

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--all i do is tell the truth
--i mean
--i get it
--you are a xbox fanatic
--and that is fine
--but do not call me a goddamned liar!

--i have followed you
--and asked you to follow me back several times
--now move on with yo ignorant ass

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--i understand
--you tried to fix your 360's RROD
--and you accidentally electrocuted yourself
--and you have been having a small series of 'xbox strokes' on a daily bases for years
--i am reaching out to you
--can you please
--STAY THE **** OUT OF MY COMMENTS(you poser)
--thank you!

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@7tizz: And you troll all the Playstation articles, why the double standard?

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This was the best CoD ever, though on PC.

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"Why are we using potatoes instead of real grenades?!"

"Because they are valuable, in fact much they are much more valuable than you are!"

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@ziltoid: So were potatoes.

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This article is a joke, right? Please tell me it's a joke. It's not funny though, still...

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Funny, I've just been playing it on PC and even though it's a decade old it's still quite impressive.

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@reduc_ab_: omg.another anti ms preacher!

Ever player Forza 5,6,Horizon 2,Halo 5,Quantum Break,Tomb Raider?


Dont talk please about things you have absolutely no idea of then.

Just stop spamming notoriously toxic comments in every fcuking MS article like you was payed to do so...get a life

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@reduc_ab_: Couldn't have said it better myself.

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@reduc_ab_: Not sure what you are getting at but it's obvious it would.

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@kyelo: I thought my point was pretty clear, but since I guess not, here, I'll clarify: MS keeps pulling out these ancient games and treating it like some big achievement that they run better now than years and years ago on old hardware when the XB1 works exceedingly poorly with many current-gen games--which it was apparently built for.

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@reduc_ab_: Dont you see where you are wrong are just too blind to see?
You say MS treats it like a big achievement WHERE MS NEVER SAID ANYTHING LIKE THAT.
Its Digital Foudry and in this case Gamespot!
So calm your ****

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@reduc_ab_: Unlike how much better PS2 games run on the PS4, because that's simply witchcraft how they do that.

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@7tizz: that isn't exactly objectively true is it? There are lists of the differences all over the net and 9 times out of 10 the slight advantage, and that is all it is, is with the PS4.

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@7tizz: Yep I acknowledged there are some poorer on the PS4 with the '9 times out of 10' part...also it always makes the news, near weekly. Here is the newest one, today...

Like I said it is a tiny advantage but it exists and denying it when its demonstrably true is just plain stupid.

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Outdated games run better on new hardware you say? Madness!

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@jonnybrownieboy: The fact that it's coming from another architecture makes it pretty surprising, really. MS is doing a really great job with recompiling these games.

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If you people really care about framerate just play on pc.

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My favorite Call of Duty.

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That is pretty neat. I'm looking forward to my Xbox One arriving.

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CoD2 was one of the first visually impressive games on the console, so it's not that surprising it had trouble. I'm surprised they even attempted 60 fps.

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@pongley: It was a launch title, not just one of the first visually impressive games.