Call of Duty 2 debriefed

Activision reveals details on its upcoming WWII shooter; game set to engage PCs and "consoles" this fall.


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Activision's Call of Duty, released in 2003, is among an army of WWII shooters released in the past few years. The first-person shooter quickly proved itself to be more than just a grunt in the rankings of games, earning good reviews and GameSpot PC Game of the Year considerations. Not wanting to leave console gamers out of the action, Call of Duty: Finest Hour was released last November on the PlayStation 2 and Xbox, and it lit up the sales charts in lieu of receiving lukewarm reviews.

With Activision's CEO calling Call of Duty potentially it's "most profitable franchise," it was a no-brainer that Activision would announce a sequel sooner or later. Word spread, primarily through fiscal reports, that the publisher was working with developer Infinity Ward to get the next edition of the first-person shooter out the door. Little has been known about Call of Duty 2...until now.

In a press release issued today, Activision released a few details about the game, scheduled for a fall release on PCs and the vaguely put "consoles." Infinity Ward has created a new game engine that will improve graphics, artificial intelligence, and realism.

Call of Duty 2 follows the storylines of four different soldiers, detailing their adventures in WWII. The game will feature squad-based combat, as well as multiple mission objectives and paths to complete them. The game will also beef up the tactical portion of the game, forcing gamers to use flanking and fire-and-move maneuvers, in addition to employing smoke grenades for concealment. Call of Duty 2 will also feature a "battle chatter system," which will let squadmates shout context-sensitive comments during gameplay.

At ease, soldiers. GameSpot will have more on Call of Duty 2 soon.

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