BVG, VU help girls get their game on

Quartet of games for PC and GBA ship today; Cinderella, Barbie, and My Scene all vie for same audience.


Legions of little lasses everywhere let out a collective "OMG!" today, with the release of five E for Everyone-rated games aimed at young females. Disney, by way of Buena Vista Games, is contributing two games based on its midnight-fearing, shape-shifting, poverty-stricken princess in Disney's Cinderella: Magical Dreams and Disney's Cinderella Dollhouse 2. The Cinderella revival comes just weeks before Cinderella is released on DVD for the first time ever in early October.

VU Games has shipped two games featuring its doll that has everything, and her friends who land a job that many have broken their backs trying to get, with Barbie and the Magic of Pegasus and My Scene Goes Hollywood.

Disney's Cinderella: Magical Dreams for the Game Boy Advance is based on the fair maiden's 1950 animated movie, as gamers help Cinderella realize her dream of being swept off her feet by an upstanding prince. The game also features the Fairy Godmother, the feline Lucifer, and rodents Jaq and Gus. Players will help Cindy through her chores, guide her while she cuts a rug with the prince, and hightail it out of the royal ball when the clock strikes 12. The game retails for $29.99.

For those who want to know how Cinderella fares in life after snatching up the prince and moving into the royal digs, BVG offers Disney's Cinderella Dollhouse 2 for the PC. After landing the prince, Cinderella apparently spends most of her days throwing parties in the castle. With the help of the Fairy Godmother, gamers will spend hours decorating the castle with flowers, cakes, and banners, and printing up colorful invitations on their home printers. But the fun doesn't stop there--once the party starts, it's time shake it on the dance floor with the prince. Cinderella Dollhouse 2 retails for $19.99.

VU Games today announced that its heroine, who isn't lollygagging around in a luxurious castle like some people, is busy fighting evil in Barbie and the Magic of Pegasus for the GBA and PC. Barbie, as Princess Annika, must team with Brietta, her flying mare (not THE Pegasus), to break a flesh-to-stone spell cast upon the entire kingdom by the evil wizard Wenlock. The PC version adds one more team member, the polar bear cub Shiver. Both versions of Barbie and the Magic of Pegasus retail for $29.99.

The versatile doll also appears in VUG's My Scene Goes Hollywood for the PC. The My Scene crew--Barbie, Madison, Chelsea, Nolee, and Delancey--pack their bags and head for Hollywood, where they land a job as production assistants for a movie studio. But these chicks won't be fetching coffee and picking up dry cleaning for egomaniacs in blazers; they'll be helping with the script, designing sets, and creating hairstyles and fashion for the film. The climax of the game sees the ladies walking the red carpet as they attend the glitzy premiere. My Scene Goes Hollywood retails for $29.99.

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