BVG unveils new Wii, DS shop

Fall Line Studio will focus on creating "innovative games" featuring Disney characters solely for the Mario Factory's two platforms.


Buena Vista Games has set up a new studio to develop games exclusively for the Nintendo Wii and DS. Based in Salt Lake City, Utah, Fall Line Studio will make both all-original titles and games based on existing Disney characters and television shows. Its mission statement is to work on primarily "small-team, creative projects that leverage the Disney brand in new and innovative ways."

BVG is the video game publishing arm of the Walt Disney Company, whose animation properties inspired recent best-sellers from third-party publishers like Square Enix's Kingdom Hearts II and THQ's Cars. BVG owns a suite of studios itself, including Propaganda Games in Vancouver and Avalanche Software, also in Salt Lake City. The company's acquisition of UK studio Climax Racing last month and today's announcement further expands its in-house development talent.

Fall Line Studio's new studio vice president and general manager will be Scott Novis, previously GM of Rainbow Studios (MX vs. ATV Unleashed). "BVG has an excellent management team, a can-do corporate culture and a treasure trove of great intellectual properties that make it exciting for us to start something new," said Novis in a statement.

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