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Buying Nier: Automata Wine Sounds Like A Pour Decision

Nierly time for some refreshments, wouldn't you say?


Wine snobs will snort a glass of the stuff and go on a tangent about its taste, but what people really want to know is if a particular selection contains the rich flavor of Nier: Automata. Finally, for people of quality, you can down a bottle of wine enhanced with the audio power of Nier composer Keiichi Okabe's soundtrack. Sounds grape to us.

I'll have a glass of YoRHa No.2 2B, thanks.
I'll have a glass of YoRHa No.2 2B, thanks.

Onkyo Direct (via Rock Paper Shotgun) is selling two bottles of Nier: Automata wine, each loaded with fermented grapes and matured in barrels gently caressed by the sonic hugs of the game's score. The winemaker attached speakers to the barrels and injected them with curated playlists from the soundtrack, to make batches named after two of the protagonists, 2B and 9S.

Will this affect the wine and make it taste better? That's up for debate, but at $80 a bottle, you'll want to find a unique angle to justify dropping that much cash on some adults-only grape juice. It's probably better than what the Merino Brothers make, if that counts for anything. Each bottle also comes with a glass featuring a Lunar Tear design, for when you want to celebrate Nier: Automata in style.

In related news, former Capcom producer Hiroyuki Kobayashi has suggested that he's working on a new project with Yoko Taro and Keiichi Okabe. "It might be Nier, it might not be Nier. That's about all I can say for now," Kobayashi teased.

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