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Buying An Xbox One X? There Are Some Nice Deals Right Now

Some nice options for picking up Microsoft's console.


The Xbox One X is about two months old now, which means there hasn't been much time for deals involving the system. Those in the market for one right now have some good options to choose from, as a pair of retailers have promotions centered around Microsoft's powerful console.

First and foremost is one on Ebay being offered by highly rated seller Antonline. It drops the usual $500 price of the system down to $460 and throws in a free copy of Overwatch: Game of the Year Edition. That's the version of the game that includes everything from the earlier Origins Edition along with some free loot boxes. This Xbox One X bundle is new and unopened, with free shipping available in the US, though it can also ship to other countries. A limited quantity is available; there's no telling when this will sell out, so you should act quickly if you're interested.

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Alternatively, Antonline is also offering a nice deal through Newegg. Over there, you can pick up the console for $499 and receive a free $50 gift card to Newegg, which can be spent on games, controllers, or anything else the site sells. Free shipping is also available with this offer, which runs through Saturday, January 13. Through Newegg, Antonline also sells an Xbox One X bundle with PUBG and Ghost Recon: Wildlands for $519, or PUBG and Overwatch: Game of the Year Edition for $530.

There's a short time left to take advantage of a previous Newegg promotion, which throws in free copies of Titanfall 2 and Mass Effect: Andromeda with the system for $500. Prior to that, Microsoft was giving away copies of PUBG with a purchase of the console, but that has now ended.

The Xbox One X is at its best when paired with an HDR-capable 4K display, but even those with 1080p TVs stand to benefit from its additional horsepower. For an idea of what to expect, check out our Xbox One X review.

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