Buy Two Games About Goats, Give a Goat to Those in Need

Heifer International, MagicalTimeBean, and Coffee Stain Studios have teamed up to bring animals to the developing world.

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As if the goat phenomenon could get any more unbelievable, now it is being used to help fight world hunger.

Goat Simulator developer Coffee Stain Studios has teamed up with Escape Goat 2 creator MagicalTimeBean and charity organization Heifer International to bring animals to poverty-stricken areas of the world.

To incentivize donations to Heifer, the developers are giving away copies of their games if you donate at least $20. Heifer has created numerous donation levels, as well. Each donation tier is linked to a different animal. A purchase of $20 will give chicks to poor farmers, a $30 donation will give a hive of honey bees, and so on.

But the promotion is called "Games for Goats." There shouldn't be other animals offered, right? Coffee Stain's Armin Ibrisagic answers, "All animals are goats. Horses are goats with longer legs. Bears are goats with fur." And, of course, all of these varieties of "goat" are beneficial to people in need.

This is not the first time Coffee Stain Studios has used its game to promote a social cause. A recent update to Goat Simulator criticized Russian policies toward the gay and lesbian community. Ibrisagic has explained his open activism by saying, "We have hundreds of thousands of people playing our game that might usually not be interested in this kind of stuff, and reach them in a way they never expected."

You can read more about "Games for Goats" on Heifer International's website.

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