"Buy Oculus back from Facebook," Frog Fractions 2 sets new stretch goal

The Kickstarter for Frog Fractions 2 added a long-range stretch goal to their current project: if they raise $2 billion, they'll buy back Oculus VR.


Frog Fractions
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The Frog Fractions 2 developers are currently running a Kickstarter for their game, and they just added a timely (joking) stretch goal: if they raise $2 billion dollars, they'll "buy Oculus back from Facebook." In case you missed the massive news, earlier today Facebook announced that they're buying VR developer Oculus.

The news is surprising and even lead developer Notch to cancel the development of Oculus support for Minecraft. However, GameSpot editor Peter Brown pointed out in a recent editorial that it's not necessarily something you should worry about.

The Frog Fractions project currently sits just shy of funding at $42k, so it's unlikely it'll reach the $2 billion goal. But just in case you never played the original, you can still try it out online right now.

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