Buy Metal Gear Solid 5: Ground Zeroes, get The Phantom Pain DLC free

DLC will provide players with additional resources for a Mother Base area in The Phantom Pain; all Ground Zeroes owners will also get exclusive carry-over content; second-screen iDROID app revealed.

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A price drop for the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 versions of Metal Gear Solid 5: Ground Zeroes was not the only announcement Konami had in store for the game today. The publisher also announced today that if you buy Ground Zeroes you'll receive exclusive downloadable content for follow-up Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain when it is released (which might not be until late in 2015).

The DLC provides players with additional resources for a Mother Base area featured in The Phantom Pain. According to Konami, Mother Base will be introduced during the Ground Zeroes campaign and will play a "central role" in The Phantom Pain. The DLC is included only in the "first batch" of Ground Zeroes retail copies and for a "limited period" for the digital version.

Players who have this DLC will have an "edge" over those who don't, Konami said. It's not clear if the DLC will be available for separate purchase.

Konami also announced today that everyone who purchases Ground Zeroes will unlock "exclusive" content that will carry over to The Phantom Pain. More specifically, prisoners of war and VIPs rescued in Ground Zeroes will appear in The Phantom Pain as Mother Base staff. Character skins can also be carried over from Ground Zeroes to The Phantom Pain.

Finally, Konami today announced Ground Zeroes' second-screen "iDROID" app. This app-- available for free on iOS, Android, and Xbox SmartGlass--will replicate Big Boss' in-game communication map/device. Using the iDROID app, players will be able to call up maps, enlist the help of air support, or play cassette tapes they find in Camp Omega.

Ground Zeroes launches on March 18.

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Or if I have mgs ground zeroes for ps3, I'll be able to use this code if the phantom pain buy on ps4?

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People complain about not having a game early and want something SO badly, so the devs decide to release something like this to keep us entertained, and show us a taste of this being different from other MGS games to let you know how the game plays out. People who complain about it being a "Demo with a price tag" don't take into account what Ground Zeroes is actually about, its introducing core game mechanics, giving enough replay value and things to do to keep you busy for a while, it is NOT just a "Demo", besides Demos are normally ONE or so missions that last about 10 minutes each, and those 10 minutes include seeing all it has to offer and so on. This game took me 2 hours to do the 1st mission, and that was exploring and seeing what sort of tactical options can be had with this, then proceeded to come back again to search for the rest of the XOF badges, and do some of the challenges to see if I can make a record time. I'm one of those people who had the game early since that "Leak" that had happened and I have thoroughly played the game as it is and only have finished 38% of the game so far. I've got tons of hours in and if you complain that your paying for this? Then you must love the fact that games are 60 bucks, and I bet you wouldn't even mind if they were jacked up all the way up to 100 dollars per game, this is 20-30 dollars folks. If you complain about those things then that proves how very little time you put into the game and actually take into account while playing it. If you complain about certain game mechanical failures and issues with the game, for example, like the spawning/despawning issues that occasionally occur then you ACTUALLY have something to say is an issue with the game. CoD is 60 bucks, takes an hour or so to beat campain, but people don't buy it for that do they? No. They buy it for the multiplayer, basically running around the same maps killing people and it all comes down to the same result: REPLAY VALUE. People should really stop being so ignorant about this. *Shakes my head* ignorant CoD kids.

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<< LINK REMOVED >> Paragraphs. You need paragraphs.

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Shut up and take my money!

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What's with the screen shot?Raiden's a bonus character?

Avatar image for Rheinmetal

the difference between PS3 and PS4, or between Xbox 360 and Xbox One is barely noticeable, insignificant. Does anyone remember what it was like to play a PS1 game and then play a PS2 one? Or the difference between PS2 and PS3?

Avatar image for grey_fox1984

<< LINK REMOVED >> Considering the comparison videos are all in 720p and 30fps, most of the key differences aren't really noticeable. However, when they slow down to 1/2 or 1/4 speed, you can really see the difference in the motion. That WILL be apparent when you see two actual consoles running them. Think of it like running a PC game (like saw, WOW- a very scalable game) on a mid-spec PC from 2006, versus running the same game on a mid-spec PC from late 2013. Technically you're playing the same game, and the graphics do look similar, but the detail level, framerate and resolution are all significantly different.

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ha, good marketing strategy. Buy our overpriced demo! wait, no? ok umm, how about a season pass aswel?! yes? ok! no thanks. next thing TPP will have microtransactions.

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<< LINK REMOVED >>Agreed it's a marketing strategy to shell in more money...WHY!!! I want to get everything all in one package, one game, one title...not pay more for an early demo of the same game we are getting later on just lack of DLC is a stupid incentive and marketing strategy.

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Just consider this another PS4 tech demo like Ryse was to the Xbox One. Yes it will be short but for those clamoring to see what next gen is like it will be a pretty sampling.

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<< LINK REMOVED >> basicly its like a nice slice of your favorite pizza

Avatar image for naruto945

<< LINK REMOVED >><< LINK REMOVED >> not at all. Its more like a slice of a pizza youve never tried but have seen alot of advertising about.

Avatar image for grey_fox1984

<< LINK REMOVED >><< LINK REMOVED >><< LINK REMOVED >> In that case, get the Legacy Collection or HD Collection and dive in! You've got 3 games you can play on Xbox (2 of which are quite relevant to the plot of MGSV) and if you have a PS3, you have 5 games to play. That is a hell of a lot of good pizza!

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The idea of letting VIPs and POWs carry over is actually kind of huge. You could spend a year casually grinding the staff of your Mother Base in Ground Zeroes, then hit the ground running in The Phantom Pain with all sorts of great weapons and upgrades. I sunk 92 hours into Peacewalker and it only had about 6-8 hours of story content all told (and that's a liberal estimate, if you speed run through the story missions with no regard for your score and don't try to be stealthy, you can probably knock it out in 3 hours)- but the tech tree slows you down and encourages you to recover POWs, play the meta game, manage your mother base, play side missions and even replay story missions. If MGSV is building off of what Peacewalker did, Ground Zeroes may have a lot more legs than anyone who hasn't played Peacewalker realizes.

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I hated day-one DLCs, and now we have a-year-before DLCs :(

Avatar image for ioshilee

I'll just wait till The Phantom Pain kicks in, no need to rush.

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How retarded! They're trying to justify the high price with a season pass for a game that's 2yrs away?!! And we have no idea what it is that we'd be getting. How about lowering the price for this ripoff game to $10-$15? That's the only way that we gamers are gonna feel like we're getting any value out of a 2hr dlc game that clearly should've been part of the main game.

Avatar image for alisnake222

so how we will get the First bach retail while it is even not released or it is not even on PSN Store i would buy it right now

Avatar image for PlatinumPaladin

Not much of an incentive if we don't know what it is we're meant to be getting especially when it's for a game with such a far off release date. If I do get Ground Zeroes early on it won't be because of this.

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Never really liked DLCs that you pay for - and makes your life easier by giving your extra equipment/money/xp. The extra gear is usually OP for the starting levels.

If anything - give us a DLC that adds levels and missions and maps - it makes your life harder, and your adventure bigger.

I love a good challenge.

But anyway - I really like how this is going so far. I am surprised to see that Phantom Pain might only be released in Dec 2015 or even later in 2016 !!

(btw what does FY3/2015 - means?)

Avatar image for adachididit

@GunEye FY3/2015 means Fiscal Year 3rd Quarter 2015 which is October - December 2014

FY3/2016 is the same but next year.

I'm guessing that why you thought TPP might come out next year.

Avatar image for xgalacticax

LOL. They have planned DLC for a game that has more than a year to be released. *sigh*

Avatar image for Mega_Skrull

*reads title*

No. I'm tired of this kind of shit. I'll buy Phantom Pain Subsistence or whatever is an actual full game, or just play something else while I wait, thanks. This is simply annoying for me as a customer, so much stupid butchering damn it.

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I really wish they would stop with the "Next Gen" vs "Current Gen" mess, Ps4 and Xbone are here now, THEY are current gen. not "next gen" ps3 and xbox 360 are officially LAST GEN

Avatar image for diesil

<< LINK REMOVED >> they will probably be saying it till at least the end of this year lol

Avatar image for xsonicchaos

Eddie, are you crazy, man?! You frikin scared me with that title. I thought The Phantom Pain will be a DLC. Wasn't it easier to write "get free DLC for The Phantom Pain"? Don't ever do that again to me!

Avatar image for m_nay2008

<< LINK REMOVED >> I thought the same thing

Avatar image for NTM23

This is sweet, though unfortunate they felt the need to do it as if the quality didn't justify it, though I understand it. I'm going through all the MGS games again now in anticipation for five, and some surprises came when going through the first MGS (aside from a few small disappointments due to nostalgia). The last time I went through it was around 2003/04 I believe, and I was surprised at what I had forgotten from a character and story perspective. Two main things are that I don't remember them talking so much about stuff that was mentioned in later games, like the Les Enfants Terribles, I thought that was brought up later on, when it's such a huge part of MGS, as well as the character Nastasha Romanenko.

I didn't even remember her as a character, or her whereabouts after the Shadow Moses incident. Anyways, I love MGS and am happy to go through them all again (from two to four), though I did go through all of them again last year around the same time. I would have bought Ground Zeroes at its previous price, but this is great news; more money in my wallet. I'm pretty well versed in the MGS story, so I don't have many questions for the next game, just theories and things I may have forgotten or not picked up on in my many playthroughs of the MGS games, which is why I'm playing them again. I recommend others that have the games and are excited for five to do it as well.

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$30 on Xbox One with additional content... Now I'm starting to fall back into the trap. Just when I'd convinced myself not to be ripped off, the deal improves.

Avatar image for canuckbiker

I thought ground zero was phantom pain dlc, haha. Nice to here about the next gen price drop though.

Avatar image for HuskerMetal

I think there's some over reaction here. It sounds like this is content similar to a collectors edition more than actual dlc. They aren't even sure if they're gonna charge for it separately when the game comes out. So I don't even know if you can call it dlc if its just skins and additional 'resources' that we don't know how will be implemented in the final game. DLC seemed to be the wrong language in the article. Both games sound great I'd hate to see negative judgement passed so early because of poor choice of words.

Avatar image for RicanV

DLC that should have been part of the prologue game that should have been included in the larger game.

Inception DLC.

Avatar image for sensei_hEnRY

so...if i buy Ground Zeroes in current gen, i will have to buy The Phantom Pain in current gen too to transfer all of my save file. Jeez....i really wish PS4 doesn't cost me $700+ in Indonesia T_T

Avatar image for PJthePlayer2

I enjoyed the old Metal Gear games on the PS1 and again on the Gamecube so unfortunately I bought into the hype with MGS4 on the PS3 when it came out - boy was I disappointed. I think I got somewhere around 45 minutes in and was so bored with it that I never picked it up again. To me Gamespot's 10/10 review of that game is their most inaccurate review to date. With a story that only a child could appreciate and gameplay that left a lot to be desired I was shockingly unimpressed. Maybe those old MGS games seemed awesome because I was around 10 at the time. And now we have this "Ground Zeroes" (what a ridiculous name) that is supposedly only 2-3 hours long and they want $30? Sorry but no thanks.

Avatar image for LoganDaDestroya

<< LINK REMOVED >> Considering you only played 45 minutes of it I'm incredibly surprised you criticise the story so heavily.

Avatar image for theprismhead

<< LINK REMOVED >> I finished the PS1 in less than 3 hours on my BB run. Most of the others too (didn't even try it in MGS2). And MGS4 was great, made me not regret getting a PS3.

Avatar image for mack10


Avatar image for Marky360


Everyones entitled to an opinion but man I just can not see how you didn't like MGS4 that is hands down the THE BEST GAME on the PS3 but hey nit everybody thinks the same so to each his own I guess.

Avatar image for bdous

I don't understand .This means that when i buy Ground Zeroes for my X360 i will also get The Phantom Pain for free(when it gets released) ?

Avatar image for m_nay2008

<< LINK REMOVED >> No you'll get a dlc for the phantom pain for free

Avatar image for Vegeta1120

<< LINK REMOVED >> reread that guy

Avatar image for WR_Platinum

The highlight of 2015. March 18 needs to hurry up!

Avatar image for Loshead

I will buy anything metal gear im an addict when it comes to MGS

Avatar image for 2Black2Strong

<< LINK REMOVED >> easily amused

Avatar image for s_rock-solid

Wow, you guys kill me.

The first instalment for £23.99 plus bonus DLC for the second instalment. Sounds good to me.

Why should Kojima shoot himself in the foot. I don't get that at all?

Doesn't a March release sound good to you? Would you prefer to wait until late 2015 before playing any MGS5 at all?!?!?! Over a year? Really?!?!?!?

Are you not glad for an early release of something next-fen worthy? what else is there? Forza 5 and GT6. Anything else? Oh yh, Zoo Tycoon. LOL

Grow up guys...

Avatar image for daBrokenFace

To plan a DLC for the 2nd game before the 1st one even comes out?! I refuse to buy a new copy of either game just to spite them!

Avatar image for CaveManCobb

<< LINK REMOVED >> If you really wanted to spite them you would play the game at all.