Butcher Bay sequel in the works

Speaking to film site comingsoon.net, star Vin Diesel reveals Riddick will return--and little else.


In a lengthy interview with the well-respected film and TV news site Comingsoon.net, Vin Diesel recently talked--at length--about the DVD of The Chronicles of Riddick, which went on sale Tuesday.

Besides saying he considered the sci-fi fantasy "his Lord of the Rings," Diesel also mentioned the "Unrated Directors Cut" version of the DVD sports "a playable chapter" of the critically acclaimed game The Chronicles of Riddick: Escape From Butcher Bay. However, the interview did not specify whether or not it was a new chapter, although it is listed as "the first level of the Xbox game" on Amazon.com.

More exciting was Diesel's revelation that a sequel for Butcher Bay is in the works. While expressing his hope that The Chronicles of Riddick would find better success on DVD than it did in the theaters, where it only grossed $60 million, well below its $100-million-plus budget, Diesel said "There's a sequel to the video game being made."

Unfortunately, that's all he said regarding the Butcher Bay sequel, and attempts to contact Diesel's game company, Tigon Studios, were unsuccessful as of press time. This leaves many questions: Will the game be developed by Butcher Bay developer Starbreeze, which recently inked a deal with Majesco to develop next-generation titles? Will it debut for next-generation consoles or, like Butcher Bay, be an Xbox game that will eventually make its way to PC? GameSpot News will provide the answers to these questions as they become available.

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