Burnout Revenge Updated Hands-On

We get our hands on the latest PS2 version of Criterion's explosive racing sequel.


Burnout Revenge

LOS ANGELES--It's only been a couple of weeks since we last played Burnout Revenge, but the version that we got our hands on today was, we were told, the second that Electronic Arts has received from Criterion since then. Unsurprisingly, the game hasn't changed dramatically since we last saw it, but we did notice a couple of minor improvements. For one thing, no matter how many times we wrecked our car, we couldn't coax the camera into failing to afford us a great view of the action at all times--which we'd noticed a couple of times in previous builds. We also noted that the golf-game-style "launch control" system used in the game's crash mode seemed a little more forgiving, since we managed several perfect starts without once blowing our engine or stalling on the start line.

The demo version of Burnout Revenge on display tonight featured no fewer than 22 different events from the game's world tour mode, taken from all 10 of the game's difficulty levels and from several locations around the world. We were able to compete in these events using any of 12 different vehicles, which, in addition to 10 great-looking sports and muscle cars, included two vehicles that will almost certainly be available only as unlockable bonuses in the finished game: the NASCAR-style "Etnies Racer" and the classic Formula-One-style "Nixon Special."

Everything else we can tell you based on our time with the game today was already covered in our most recent preview of the game, but rest assured that we'll bring you more information on this one as soon as it becomes available.

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