Burnout Legends named, dated

Criterion's crash-happy racer collides with Sony's portable this September; game presents updated moments from the Burnout series.


Stuck in traffic and just wish there were a way to smash through piles of cars at 100 miles per hour? Electronic Arts is offering the next best thing. The publisher announced a Burnout title last June but withheld all details about the game until today. Burnout Legends is coming to the PSP this September from Criterion Games.

"Burnout Legends is the perfect quick gaming fix for the PSP," said Alex Ward, creative director of Criterion Games. "A quick 30-second crash junction can be just as satisfying as a two-hour multiplayer session."

The wording on the press release issued by Electronic Arts indicated that the game may be a compilation of the previous console Burnout efforts with some PSP exclusives. "Burnout Legends delivers updated versions of the most explosive moments from Burnout, Burnout 2: Point of Impact and Burnout 3: Takedown, with new gameplay, new cars and new surprises."

The Burnout license, acquired by EA from the late publisher Acclaim, is widely known for its high-speed chases and brutal crashes. Burnout Legends will feature familiar modes from its console counterparts, including road rage, pursuit, and crash. PSP features include wireless multiplayer and a GameShare demo, which allows multiple PSP users to play the demo with only one copy of the game.

Don't speed off too far, because GameSpot will have more on Burnout Legends soon.

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