Burnout Dominates PS2, PSP

New edition of Burnout officially announced for Sony's current-gen consoles; game will crash storefronts in 2007.


Burnout Ex-Gizmondo Exec was another option for Dominator's name.
Burnout Ex-Gizmondo Exec was another option for Dominator's name.

Back in late August, Electronic Arts confirmed what everyone expected--the Burnout series would continue with a new installment on next-generation consoles. However, those unable to pony up for the higher-priced Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 consoles felt as though they were being left in the dust.

It turns out the console the franchise debuted on, the PlayStation 2, isn't being passed over. Today, Electronic Arts announced the development of Burnout Dominator, exclusively for the PS2 and the PlayStation Portable.

The game will retain the core gameplay of the series, as players will race at top speeds through dozens of World Tour events testing "reckless skill-based" driving techniques. Currently there are no plans for the versions for each platform to interact with each other.

Burnout Dominator is currently development at EA's studios in Guildford, UK (also known as Criterion Games) and will be released in 2007. For more information on the game, read GameSpot's exclusive Q&A with senior producer Nick Channon.

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