Burnout cruising to Paradise

EA names, dates the PS3 debut of its demolition racing series; 360 version will arrive alongside it this winter.


Burnout Paradise

At first glance, the term "burnout paradise" conjures up images of a coffee shop in Amsterdam--or a plush drug-rehab clinic in the Carribean. However, it's also the title of the next installment in Electronic Arts' destructive racing series, which will mark its PlayStation 3 debut. Burnout Paradise will arrive on the Xbox 360 and PS3 "this winter," which typically means a December or January release.

As evidenced by its first trailer, Burnout Paradise will feature the same sort of urban racing as previous Burnouts. However, its developer, UK-based Criterion games, has greatly improved the game's graphics. In the trailer, they are noticeably more detailed than those of Burnout Revenge for the Xbox 360, the only next-gen Burnout to date.

Though none of the series' trademark car crashes are present in the trailer, the accompanying press release promised the game would have more of them than ever before. That's because instead of the series' traditional event-based gameplay, Burnout Paradise will sport an open-world environment where players can "explore the city and discover events," according to EA. They can also run amok, committing random acts of wanton destruction with their cars, earning points that can eventually be used to acquire newer, faster cars.

"We have been working towards Burnout Paradise for quite some time," said the game's executive producer, Pete Hawley, in a statement. "Next generation consoles have opened up a raft of new gameplay opportunities and the Criterion team has leapt at the chance to innovate." Hawley boasted that EA had some "big surprises" in terms of new features and online capabilities," but promised the title's gameplay would remain true to the series."

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Is the 360 version comin later than PS3 version??? Its written Q4 2007 for PS3 whereas Q1 2008 for 360. Any ways this would be a great game.

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Oh man!! I CAN'T W8!!The number 1 game!!Its gonna be awesome!! (Hey w8 a minute,where's the release date?)

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oh yeah, this is what im talkin about. yeah i've been a burnout fan since #3, and am looking forward to playing this.

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C'mon widdit!!! Bring the game on!! Give up a release date!! I've been a fan since Burnout 3. Let's make this happen.

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looks like a new burnout will be there omg i cant wait to do some takedowns online. and i hope they make the crashings more destructive and bigger . and hope they dont add real life cars coz that will be silly as hell. peace

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Today is the day that I hit up every game that's on my wish list & make the following statement: WHERE ARE THE SCREEN SHOTS?!?!?? & WHEN ARE YOU REALLY PUTTIN A DATE TO THIS MONSTER??? LOL

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Hopefully the additional processing power of the XBOX 360 and the PS3 will be used to make the crashes even more spectacular than they have been in the past.

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Nice I can't wait.

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PS3 ftw.

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I know it's a bit late, but I just got burnout revenge, woo.

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nah, it peaked with burnout 2 if you liked single player racing. after that, the champoinship modes were all flashy graphics and too easy.

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I agree with your pal. Burnout peaked with B3. Legends on the PSP was nice, too. The new, sepia colored games are a bit worse. Legends still had the Burnout "wow factor" to some degree, but it's faded from Dominator. I guess the problem here is there's not much you can do with the game in its current form anymore. Good looks can become great looks, but where do you go from there? With the same underlying gameplay, I see no reason to spend 60€ in a new Burnout game on any platform.

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That WAS a real snoozer of a Burnout trailer. There wasn't a single crash. It seems like the Burnout series peaked with 'Revenge'. Although a friend of mine disagrees; he thinks it peaked with the third. I couldn't help but notice allot of people have forgotten about Burnout Dominator which came out a few months ago. Understandable, it was an utterly forgettable game compared to it's predecessors. I don't get into too many racing games but the Burnout series (when I got into it) gave an amazing sense of speed and the physics bending crashes. Why did they get rid of those things that made the series stand out from the endless number of other racing games? If they're going to make games like Burnout Paradise or Dominator (basically your typical racing game) they should also make a game or two completely devoted to crashing; but in the end it could never be as good as the perfect blend of the two that we enjoyed with Burnout 3 & Revenge.

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i wonder if this one will beat the 3rd installment hmmmm??? Looks promising

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the online mode sounds promising!

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Burnout for life, can't wait for this bro!

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Telling from the recent (well, the ones coming out last) releases "trafic checking" is gone. I really hope they keep it though ... it made the game a whole lot more visceral and less precision-oriented. But then again, this open world idea is totally different from the last version coming out on the PSP and the PS2 so maybe (hopefully) I'm wrong and it's new altogether including traffic checking.

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Free Roam is a great idea for this game. I just hope that the city is interactive, and very alive.

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nice can't wait for this new Burnout!

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i wonder how the "open world" idea is going to work. looks interesting

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I think the open world is actually a good idea. I've wanted that since the original. It's perfect for when I want to just cruise around and randomly crash into things.

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It is always good to have more Burnouts.

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looks awesome... see they have "my curse" KsE playing there a little bit

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looks sweet.

Avatar image for OGKNav

Freeroam is overrated. This is just one of those games they shouldn't have done it with. Same goes to Need For Speed.

Avatar image for peeweeshift

i liked the event mode. sure it's so 2000 but it provided good choice and a clean menu. at least there will be shorter load times...hopefully. i want the events to be streamlined if they make it open ended.

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I wonder if the Green Day song "Welcome To Paradise" will make be on the soundtrack for the game!?!?!? Can't wait for this one!!

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Just like i heard another gamer on here said already,Burnout for life. I hope the graphics turn out to be better than what that lame trailer shows and i hope the fact that they are ripping off GTA 3's open world concept isn't the death of the franchise.I am going to buy this regardless.I heard that the PS3 version is going to be better than the 360 version for multiple reasons though in Gamepro magazine's last month issue.Go to Gamepro.com to see what i read about this.

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This is going to be awesome. Looks like I'll be getting a PS3 for this (and for Ratchet and Clank). They should put Test Drive: Unlimited on the PS3.

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Everyone's taking a cue from Test Drive: Unlimited. That was a good game, and now everybody wants to do the same thing.

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I'm with the fur... I'm not digging the open-ended racing game.

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You know I really don't like the idea of free roaming in racing games. It's a racing game, not an exploring game with racing thrown in. I buy racing games to race, not drive around for fifteen minutes trying to find a three minute race. What's next? A NASCAR game where you have to drive your trailer to each track and then drive a golf cart to your pit stall to get the race started? If everyone needs to explore a city so much then get GTA IV or Crackdown, or even go outside and drive your car around a real city.

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Sounds pretty good.

Avatar image for i_love_my_ds

"open world environment"? hopefully they do it right....though its almost for sure they will

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for Burnout...that trailer is kinda lame.

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XlpranksterlX "finally. Sorry to see it developing on the ps3 mainly, the 360 is a better fit for an online game. " Who told you that. lol. Don't let Tor fool you that this anouncement was geared toward the PS3 he just likes to spin things like that.

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This is going to be sweet! I've only played Burnout Revenge in the series before and that game was a lot of fun. It will be interesting to see what criterion can do with the xbox 360 and ps3 now that they have had some time getting used to the hardware.

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finally. Sorry to see it developing on the ps3 mainly, the 360 is a better fit for an online game.

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if anyone can name a better racing series, i'd like to hear it. never call this series 'old' or 'uninteresting', it's the most innovative and best racing series currently available.

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mm, not sure about the open world idea, unless they properly integrate it- not like Underground 2 where it just meant you had to drive to the races.

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Avatar image for mrjasler

I get annoyed with people posting messages like.. boring .. getting old.. another GTA etc.. blah blah LETS see you come up with an idea then for a racing game? seriously it's a hard medium to come up with something different and innovative. If you want to be boring then just go and do a gran turismo which is the same game every iteration. At least EA and the burnout team are trying to do something different.

Avatar image for Bgrngod

Why don't they just get it over with and call it Burnout: GTA? I wonder how long it will be until we see a Burnout game where you can get out of the car and jump into other cars? Next year maybe?

Avatar image for Cniinc

so need for speed underground2 with crashes? i'm kinda uninterested

Avatar image for jayo17ie

Looks soooo much better than when I had it on ps2 , cant wait to get it for my ps3

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Hmmm.....seems interesting but when i heard the term paradise i thought it would mean crusing through a jungle like area surrounded by water and a sleek sun setting with gorgeous nature elements like the dynamic lighting of the sky as the sun is setting in the evening as how kingdomhearts 2 looked in its opening cinematic!!!

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BORING!!! This series is getting old!!

Avatar image for BIGboss600

i agree mehoff88

Avatar image for beestung

mehoff88: This will be the first new Burnout title in 2 years. Revenge came out in Fall 2005. I agree about EA's typical gameplan but Burnout doesn't fit into that.

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This was one of the worst trailers for a game i have seen in a long time. The music did not go well from 'paradise' to street racing. As expected, the graphics didn't look any better than revenge. Only point that out because they should have used CGI when the in-game looks this bad (unless that's all gamespots video feed - I doubt that though). There was no information in this video at all with the exception of the name for the game. It really just was not a good trailer. EA sure knows how to take a great IP and destroy it. Hopefully enough of the original Criterion is left to make a good game at least.