Burnout Crash details surface - Report

EA's car-mayhem franchise said to be "action arcade style" set in fictitious Crash City.


Early last week, the Australian Classification Board offered up tantalizing information that EA would soon be returning with a new, multiplatform installment in its vehicular carnage-heavy Burnout franchise. The listing was light on information, unfortunately, and it was not clear if Criterion Games would be returning to the franchise that it created, or what direction this new game would take.

Paradise City is apparently being left behind.
Paradise City is apparently being left behind.

While many of those questions remain, at least a few may have been answered, again courtesy of Australia's game-rating board. Joystiq reports that it has received a summary of the game's rating information that was submitted by EA to the ACB.

According to that breakdown, Burnout Crash will be "an action arcade style game set in the fictional world of Crash City. The aim of the game is to cause as much damage as possible to traffic and buildings by crashing a car into them."

Given that description, Burnout Crash sounds as if it will be a return to the menu-driven challenges of 2004's Burnout 3 and 2005's Burnout Revenge. Prior to moving on to Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit, Criterion shifted to a more dynamic, open-world format for 2008's highly regarded Burnout Paradise.

EA had not responded to a request for comment on the Australian rating summary as of press time.

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