Burnout 2 confirmed for Xbox and GameCube

Acclaim announces that its PS2 racing sequel from Criterion will be released for the Xbox and GameCube later this year.


Acclaim Entertainment has today announced that Burnout 2: Point of Impact, which was released for the PS2 last year, will be coming to the Xbox and GameCube sometime this spring. The game, which is being developed by UK-based Criterion Games, is the sequel to Burnout , which is already available for all three of the current console formats.

"When we started out on the development for Burnout 2 we focused on bringing the fastest and most exciting racing experience to the PlayStation 2, and we had no plans to develop the game for other consoles," commented Alex Ward, Creative Manager, Criterion Games. "We are a small but extremely talented team who has dedicated their time and energy on getting the absolute best out of the PlayStation 2. Since the release of the game last October, we've been really bowled over by the number of awards and fantastic reviews that Burnout 2 has received across the world. We have also been absolutely deluged with requests from the media and consumers alike to develop versions for Xbox and GameCube. It has been an incredible response."

Burnout 2 is, like its predecessor, an arcade racer that shuns a certain amount of realism in favor of turbo boosts, powerslides, and spectacular crashes. In fact, the crashes in Burnout 2 are so impressive that an entire gameplay mode known simply as crash has been built around them, challenging players to cause as much damage as possible in a single accident. In addition to the standard single race and championship modes, Burnout 2 also features a pursuit mode in which players get to take the wheel of a police car.

The Xbox and GameCube versions of Burnout 2: Point of Impact are currently scheduled for release in the spring. For more information, check out our Burnout of the PS2 version released in October last year.

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