Bungie Working on Fix For Destiny's Vulture Errors

Studio says it is aware of the problems Xbox One players are facing.


Destiny developer Bungie has updated its website to alert players it is aware of an issue affecting the Xbox One version of the game, and is working on a solution.

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The "Vulture" error, as it is known, usually occurs when players without an Xbox Live Gold or PlayStation Plus subscription attempt to play PvP or co-op. However, Xbox One players have reported they are receiving the error despite having a Gold subscription.

"Bungie is aware of some Xbox One players encountering Vulture errors immediately after logging in," the studio said. "We are working with our partners at Microsoft to investigate the issue.

"If you are experiencing Vulture errors that prevent you from accessing Destiny, please click the "Contact Help" and fill out the form with the requested information."

On November 17, Bungie released a new Destiny update, which included tweaks for the Crucible multiplayer mode and fixes Nightstalker abilities, among other things.

The update also included adjustments to multiplayer maps, inluding "invisible physics and kill volumes" to stop players from being able to enter out-of-bounds areas on The Burning Shrine, Frontier, and Vertigo. The full patch notes are here.

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