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Bungie Wins Lawsuit Against Another Cheat Distributor For $12 Million

This is the second lawsuit Bungie has won against a cheat-seller this year.


Bungie has won another lawsuit, this time against cheat-seller Mihai Claudiu-Florentin, known as VeteranCheats, for selling Destiny cheats.

As reported by TheGamePost (via PCGamer), the lawsuit--which Bungie filed back in 2021--has been ruled in the developer's favor, resulting in Claudiu-Florentin now being ordered to pay $12 million to Bungie. The Destiny developer had been seeking such a figure since February this year, which the court has granted, noting that it deemed Bungie to have provided enough evidence for its allegations of copyright infringement and breach of contract.

In terms of specifics, Bungie was looking for $11,696,000 in damages based on the DMCA breaches--asking for $2000 for each of the 5848 downloads that Claudiu-Florentin profited from--as well as $146,662.28 for "actual damages," caused by the copyright infringement, with $217,250.70 in attorney fees on top of that. This makes for a total of $12,059,912.98, which ended up being the full amount that the court granted.

"The Court finds that default judgment is appropriately entered in Bungie’s favor as to all but the CPA claim," reads the court documents, referring to the Consumer Protection Act. "The Court finds that damages shall be entered in the amount of: (1) $11,696,000 for violations of the DMCA; (2) $146,662.28 for violations of the Copyright Act; and (3) $217,250.70 in attorneys’ fees and in costs. The total award shall be entered in the amount of $12,059,912.98."

As well as these damages that must be paid to Bungie, a permanent injunction has been made against Claudiu-Florentin, meaning he cannot engage in any activities that might violate Bungie's copyright.

GameSpot reached out to Bungie, but it declined to comment on the ruling of the lawsuit.

This isn't the only lawsuit that Bungie has won this year when it comes to cheating. In February, the developer was awarded $4.3 million in damages and fees for its lawsuit against cheat-seller AimJunkies.

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