Bungie Wants To Release A New, Non-Destiny Game By 2025

The Destiny 2 dev plans on becoming a "multi-franchise entertainment company" in the next few years.


With Destiny 2's Shadowkeep expansion officially live and years of content for the game already mapped out, it's clear the MMO shooter franchise is very much the core of Bungie's plans moving forward. However, it appears the studio's ambitions are not just limited to Destiny--Bungie is also looking to release at least one other IP in the next several years.

In an interview with IGN, Bungie CEO Pete Parsons discussed the developer's plans to become one of the industry's "best entertainment companies" by 2025, and part of that vision involves not just continuing to redefine Destiny 2, but also establishing other franchises.

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"So, by 2025 we have a pretty specific path to make sure we transform Destiny and that we have other franchises within the marketplace," Parsons said. "We need to build our publishing group, but part of our vision is also to become a multi-franchise entertainment company."

Parsons didn't share any details about Bungie's potential non-Destiny franchise(s), but the studio has planned to branch out from the MMO series for some time now. In 2018, Bungie received $100 million from Chinese internet giant NetEase, part of which would help it establish one or more separate internal teams beyond the one currently working on Destiny.

In the meantime, Bungie continues to make big changes to Destiny. The studio released a free-to-play version of the game called New Light, alongside the aforementioned Shadowkeep expansion, on October 1. You can read more in our Destiny 2: Shadowkeep pre-order guide.

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